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Fall Foliage Part 2

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Since the search is disabled I could find the original thread someone started . It was such a pretty day. Our peak is about two weeks behind schedule this year.

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Those are gorgeous pictures. Thanks for sharing!
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Beautiful photos, Chris! Here all the leaves just seem to be yellow.
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We aren't getting much color this year as October has been waaaay dry. A lot of it depends on rainfall, too dry and everything just turns brown and falls off .

Those are GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing!
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It's so beautiful. I wish I lived where there was that beautiful colourful change of the leaves. It's just breathtaking. I especially love the red leaves.
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That is just beautiful! All of our leaves here are all done changing--they are all on the ground!

BTW Hope-I love your Thanksgiving siggy!!
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Beautiful pics, Chris!
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Oh My....beautiful colors. Lucky you.
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We're just past peak up here.....

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OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You just made my day! Nothing cheers me up like the colors of fall!!!!!!! Not that I needed cheering up, but now I'm even happier!
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Beautiful! absolutely breath taking!
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Gorgeous, Chris and Eddie! Thank you!
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I see some beautiful maple trees among those photos. If I knew how to reduce the size of photos (or if someone wants to give me a crash course in resizing ) I would gladly go out to Centre Island and take photos of our beautiful maples here in Canada.
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Eddie - that is gorgeous! I am always amazed by the scenery in your area - breathtaking.
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Most of our leaves are gone-the virburnum shrubs are just starting to turn.
Here is a "fall photo" from one of my shrub beds.

Sorry size is so small.
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Great pics everyone!!!!! I took a few, but the fierce storms we had ripped most of the leaves from the trees.
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Here's a few from around here:

This witch hazel has a lot of color right now:

As you can see from this picture of my backyard, most of the leaves are down.

Can anyone tell me what this is??????

Here are the leaves!!!!

Not really a foliage shot, but I liked this pic!

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Awesome pictures!!!! They are beautiful!!!
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My complete Respects to Chris, Eddie and Karen!´re girls a great artists with the cam!
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Rigel, that is very nice of you to say That last pic of Karen's makes me want to take a walk. Hopefully our southern state friends might post some pictures soon.
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Beautiful pictures everyone!! Eddie, I really love the first picture you posted, that's so beautiful. I was meaning on getting out and taking some pictures of the fall colors, I must get around to it soon!
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Beautiful photos, everyone! Thanks for sharing.
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
My complete Respects to Chris, Eddie and Karen!´re girls a great artists with the cam!
Thanks Rigel!

Other people must have foliage pics?
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all i can see from my window is a very sad half bald tree i did got to highgate woods the other day,but only took my 35 ml camera,so wont have them developed for a couple of weeks.need a decent digi cam
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Everyone, beautiful pictures...I wish I could add to the pics, but we don't have much color changes here this year, without good rains, and it hasn't started to cool off much yet...Ugh...
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