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The Official Dog Thread!!!!!

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I have posted pictures of the dogs here before, and had such a great response, I decided to start the official dog picture thread. For those of you who have seen them in my previous threads, here are some more pics of the dogs. First here is Willy as a baby ( yes he was a baby LOL)

OK now lets see your pups!!!!!
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I'm going to get my pictures of my dogs (live at my parents) up here soon!

Wonderful thread! I can't wait to see everyone's adorable dogs!
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This was our Sweet boy Dexter, he's at RB bridge now, we lost him last year
You may have seen the Pastel of him that Pandybear did such a beautiful job of

THis is our Little Zoie who is now 4 years old

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OK here is some more of Willy and Lucy

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Here are 2 of my pups:Brandy and Maggie

And this is Louie..
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Sandy and Brandi (RIP)

Little Maddy
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This is our hunting puppy-Sam! Yup, he's a puppy yet, not even 1 year old in this picture I just love him, he likes to try and 'cuddle' on my lap, he think's he's a lap dog sometimes, but its okay, I let him cuddle with me anytime!

This is Sam again, 1 year old now! With my brother Josh, apparently Sam thought it would be fun to step on him...ha!

Last but certainly not least...our precious princess Sadie! She is my families indoor puppy, she is so spoiled, but she's my baby!
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Junior the dog my parents are "renting" with the house. His owners moved and left him in the house making my parents promise to take care of him and the other dog.

Fluffball *ahem* I mean Halo my sisters adorable toy yorkshire terrier:

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This is Brynna, my Australian Shepherd/Lab mix, patiently sharing her space with Sophie. I think it lasted all of 60 seconds, but I got the pic to prove it!

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Here are some pics of our dog Pebbles. We had to put her down almost 2 yers ago. She was a very good dog.

Her in her clown outfit... she hated it

Her in her favorite place, her dog bed

Pebbles as a puppy wasn't she a cutie!!
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Here is my sweet puppy Angie!!

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My babies again! Both Australian Labradoodles, Ruby is six months old and Chester 14 weeks (we've only had him since last Thursday...awwww)

Ruby Angel

Chester Little Man

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Say hello to Sandy, a/k/a "smoochy" or just 'Mooch as we call her. She's the light of our lives. I love all these photos of everybody's pooches!!

...and all grown up this past summer and a swimming machine!!
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Hehe - I call my babies that too!! Usually a combination or any variation of Smooch, Pooch, Mooch I've even started calling the cats Poochy as well, at which I get a withering look of disdain......
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I posted this in the other thread but since this is the"Official Thread" I will put them here as well. this is Buddy (left) 3 year old red heeler and Missy (right) 4 year old blue heeler/catahoula cow dog mix. I don't have many pics of them because they will never sit still lol. I would introduce them to the cats but they are both hunting dogs and will kill anything not bigger than they are. Thats why they stay outside!!!!! Last week alone they got a fox and 4 possums a turtle and a rabbit. Poor babies. My fiances dad is going to take them when I move. It makes me sad but at least they will be more spoiled rotten than they are now.
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Sitting by the snowblower.. maybe not such a good idea.

This is the most recent pic of him.. taken in early september. After a visit to the vets.. hence thebald patches on his leg.

Apollo is 4 and a half years almost.. and is a Bouvier des Flandres mix.. He's my love, I don't know what I would do without him here with me.

I'll post pics of a pup I rescued momentarily.
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Mandy is a belgian malinois/dutch shepherd/german shepherd. She was owned by a friend of my cousins, his roommate. But they were kicked out of their apartment and had no place for little 4 month old Mandy to go. I told him to bring her to me, that if we couldnt' keep her, that I was bound to find her a perfect home.
He brought her the next day.. she was all skin and bones, weighing 20lbs.. she should ahve been at least 30... and so flea infested. I gave her a nice warm flea bath and tried to feed her, but the only thing she wanted was hotdogs. I found a home for her the next day, with a close friend, so I knew I was going to be able to see her
but she was brought abck to me two weeks later.. as they couldn't housebreak her. We didn't even have her for more than 4 hours before a friend of my sisters came and took her home.. shes now 6 months old and getting huge! shes got to be at least 60 lbs now. and you can't even see a rib at all anymore. She is now housebroken and doing better than ever!

These pics were taken when I first got her.. I'll try and get some updated ones.
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Originally Posted by eburgess
Here are some pics of our dog Pebbles. We had to put her down almost 2 yers ago. She was a very good dog.

Her in her clown outfit... she hated it

Her in her favorite place, her dog bed

Pebbles as a puppy wasn't she a cutie!!

What a doll!!!! RIP sweety pie
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I love the dogs they are all such beautiful babies I wish I had some pics of my moms dogs, and my cats together but that'll be the day
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All these dogs are so adorable!!
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Daisy and Stormy

Daisy and our two year old.

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More silliness!!!!!!!!
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Such nice doggies! I don't have one myself, but both my dad and father-in-law have chihuahuas which I always thought was strange. Here's one whimpy pup:

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My mom just took this picture of Sam and Sadie. Sam was standing outside on the deck looking thru the patio door and Sadie was sitting inside, I thought it was an adorable picture to share!
I can't wait to go home tomorrow and see them, I miss my puppies!!

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Hey, this is the only dog photo i have on photobucket. It is our weimerauner Baron. He is unusual in the fact that he has a skull diameter that is (IMO) abnormally large. He is extremely intelligent. Connection? I posted a story about him in "pics that make you say awwwww". Anyway, here he is.
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Sorry it is so big. I don't know how to resize.
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Nice pic´s of the Dogs!!!
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