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Our first vacation starts tomorrow!

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Well, eeeeeeearly tomorrow morning, Bradley and I will leave for our first-ever vacation together in Blue Ridge, GA. We have rented a beautiful cabin in the mountains, complete with hot tub and fireplace . Here's the info on our cabin: Above the Clouds. I am so excited! Our lives have been so stressful lately (his more than mine), so it could not come at a better time!

The Drama Queens are going to grandma's house tonight. Mom will do a fine job of taking care of their needs (I've already typed up a 2 page instruction list for her. Me? Worry? Noooooo), but I'm not sure if she'll give them as much physical attention as they need. I told her that if she does not give Cosy lots of scritches and playful interaction, she'll get really angry and tear everything up, so hopefully that'll motivate her to give the girls the attention they'll need!

I'll be taking tons of photos and will post 'em when we get back!
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Amy it's looks gorgeous!!!! Have a fab time the two of you and the drama queens will be fine
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Oh it looks lovely, Amy! I'm sure that you and Bradley will have an amazingly relaxing time together!

I'm also sure that your girls will have a wonderful time with their grandma!
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That sounds like fun!!, have a wonderful time!
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It looks like a beautiful place. Hope the two of you have a wonderful, relaxing time!
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I remember when you were asking opinions about which cabin to get! How exciting for you that it's FINALLY here! You both deserve a nice vacation, that's for sure, so really make sure you enjoy yourselves to the fullest!! Can't wait to see the pics.
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Thanks y'all!
Katherine, you're right- I cannot believe it's finally here either! We've been planning this since late July! It's about time!
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Have lots and lots of fun!! And try really hard not to worry too much about the Drama Queens. Just enjoy your vacation!
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Wow, it looks fabulous! I love the hot tub on the veranda, you can soak with a glass of champagne and admire the view

Have a great time, and take some pictures to show us!
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Sounds fabulous, Amy! I hope it's a nice romantic time for you... Ideally jewellery would be involved, eh? Anyway, have a wonderful time!
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Well you two have a fabulous time!!!
Are there still leaves on the trees in Georgia???
The girls will be fine at grandma's-who is watching the fish tank??
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Have fun.
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Originally Posted by vespacat
Sounds fabulous, Amy! I hope it's a nice romantic time for you... Ideally jewellery would be involved, eh? Anyway, have a wonderful time!
You read my mind Jen! Yes, ideally one piece of jewelry in particular will be involved, but will see (vibes are definitely appreciate on that end!).

Gail, this is the PERFECT time to go to the north GA mountains. The leaves have not dropped off completely yet- they are still in the process of turning, so we should get some gorgeous fall pictures on the trip!

Bradley's bro is watching the fish tank. He'll come over to the apt. a couple of times with his daughter (she is so excited to see the fish!) and feed 'em. Since we just lost Sushi this morning, I'm a bit worried about leaving the tank for a few days .

I got an email from my mom (after sending her the loooong list of cat instructions) saying that she will try to love them as much as I do. That made me feel a lot better .
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Sounds like fun! I'm jealous!
Ian and I could DEFINITELY use a vacation right now!!!!
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Lovely cabin - I'm sure you'll have a terrific time in the mountains. Hopefully the romantic setting will get Bradley in the mood to pop the question.
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Amy, that place looks very relaxing. I hope you & Bradley have a great time on vacation.
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Have a wonderful time! Can't wait to see the pics!
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That looks so peaceful and romantic too! I would absolutely love to go somewhere like that, I could definately go for a vacation right now!

Have a great time and take lots of pictures!!
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Oh, Amy I am so happy for you!!! You two are going to have such a great time! The cabin is lovely!
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Gosh Amy - that place looks great! Enjoy your time there.
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Have a great Time!!! It looks lovely!!!
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Thanks guys!

Reading these posts really brightened me up. I dropped the cats off at my mom's (tonight we're going out for Bradley's birthday and we leav at 6am tomorrow, which is why they're at mom's so early) and I could not stop CRYING! It was so tough to come back into the apt. without being greeted by a cat or two. I know they'll do fine with my mom, but still...

Anyway, thank you again for the kind words . I'll "see" y'all when we get back!
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