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owning feral cats

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my mum has owned 2 feral cats for nearly 9 years. Ebony has come on a treat but Cheaka is still very very very nervous. We got them both netured but Cheaka didnt thank my mum for it and hid under the bed for 5 days. I forget that Ebony is a feral cat because she is tame but she has lashed out at my mum before. So it just goes to show feral cats can be tamed.

this is my website. there is a cat called Flash on there. My mum found her when she was a kitten. She was possibly a feral kitten.
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My cats name is Flash, and she was a feral, are you talking about her? Whats your website.
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I have 6 ferals that I rescued that are as sweet as can be, they all share our home with 2 other cats, I have Momma cat( Sissy) and 3 little girlies from this year, Ziggy, Zazzy, Zinger, plus the 2 boys Dunkin, and a brother to Momma cat Miniman, I also found homes for 2 out of the 5 females,Yes they can become wonderful pets just takes patience
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