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Kitty litter training...

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How do you do it?
I know it sounds dumb. But is the mom suppost to do it? Please give me tips, or hubby said kittens have to go. And I want to keep them all!
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I'll move this to Care and Grooming for you

I know their mums do train them because when Rosie and Sophie came to me they knew straight away what to do and they were only 6 weeks, but hopefully others here will be able to help you.
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Make sure the litter box is not too high for them to climb into. You can also, and I apologize for the grossness, add one of their poopies to the litter so they get the idea. Tell you husband to give them a little time they are just babies, once they get it though it will stick
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I will try the poop thing. I've been putting them in the box and making a digging motion, but it's always when they are in a playing mood. Think I'll try it when they lay down for a nap.
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Also pick them up and take them to the litter often...and certainly if they are acting like they are "looking for someplace to go". Then when they do go in the desired place ...praise, Praise and PRAISE!!!
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How old are the kittens?

Also, offer several litterboxes. Disposable foil pie pans work great for this. Kittens are just like little children in that they sometimes don't think to go potty until it is almost too late, so they need to have a litterbox very close by. Keep in mind that "close" to us is not so "close" to a baby whose legs are only two inches long.

Also have them treated for worms and other intestinal parasites. These can cause all kinds of problems with litter training.
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Have you tried keeping them in a smaller space with the litterbox present? My friend suggested scheduled feeding times =scheduled pooping times...
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A good time to put them in their litter box is after a nap and a shortly after they eat. Good luck, I'm training right now too. Four babies almost 5 weeks old. They are getting the hang of it, a couple accidents but nothing major.
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I just put them in the litterbox after naps. After they pottied they would eat and go back to sleep for the next two hours.
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