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Rather sick babies

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I'm hoping someone can give me some advice...i'm looking for advice other than from my vet, who i know will just tell me to come back in for an appointment.
I have two cate, Delph and Josie.
On Feb. 22, two more cats came to stay with me (I was cat-sitting). On the 23rd, I woke up and Josie has pooped blood (normal-looking stool) in the bathtub and had a large stream of dried blood running down her thigh. The emergency vet said it could wait until MOnday morning, but that I should call my vet then. I did that and made an appt. for Monday evening. THey did nothing but feel around and tell me they would like to do a fecal test. I took a stool sample into them on WEdnesday, and it came back negative for parasites. She and Delph were on a bland diet (the other two cats were separate from them when I wasn't home, and all were together when I was home). I gradually, per the vets suggestion, started introducing their normal food back to them, and it seemed to be ok until Josie threw up Saturday (March 2) afternoon and woke me up at 5:45 Sunday morning throwing up. I thought I would watch her, and then around 10, two things happened....I noticed another line of blood down her thigh and Delph threw up. I took them both to the emergency vet and they took X-rays (no foreign bodies in there!), put Josie on Amoxi tabs (100mg) and metoclopramide (5mg), and said no food/water until the morning. Well, my girls bothered me for the next 6 hours, acting like they hadn't eaten in days, so right before I went to bed, I gave them a little rice and baby food (no onion powder in it). Josie ate a bit, but Delph wouldn't touch it. SHe just opted to drink a little bit of water.
Josie seems ok, but Delph has thrown up about 3 times over the night. Oh, at the emergency vet, they each got a sub-cutaneous shot to help prevent dehydration, and a shot of somethign to help calm down their tummies.
Can anyone give me a suggestion about what to do? I'll wait with Josie, who seems ok, to see if the medication helps...I'm just worried about Delph.
They are both about two years old, and are both spayed.
About 2 1/2 weeks ago, Josie got her booster distemper shot, and Delph got the starter shot...could they have distemper (from the live cultures in the vaccine)?????
Thanks so much.
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Why did the vet put Them on meds - did he say what's wrong w/them?
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Josie has blood in her colon, and has hemmoraging (sorry for the butchering of that spelling) gastrointeritis. the dr. seemed to think the meds (two types, i forget the names, and the vet has them there now...i dropped the girls off there today for monitoring since Delph threw up all night and I didn't want to leave them alone all day). Josie seemed better this morning and the vet just called me and said they're both eating and look alert...they don't seem to realize that Delph does eat, but then she throws it up (all night she was vomitting a white, frothy liquid).
I hope they're better when I get back to the vet in a few hours (going there for a 4pm appt with the dr.).
Have you ever experienced anything like this? I'm really nervous, because while she's scared of her own shadow, Delph is a very healthy kitty.
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But how/why did she get gastrointeritis? Did they get into something? Do you have any houseplants they may have gotten into? Do they both have it? Internal bleeding is not something to mess with, nor is gastrointeritis- I'm glad they are at the vet. Are they outdoor cats? Stress could play a part in that (your friends cats for a visit may have stressed them).... Let me know if they are okay! I hope they get better.

Also, Did you tell them that Delphi eats but then throws? You need to let them know everything - even write it down for when you go back to get them, you can ask the questions you want to.
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I don't have any advice except to find a vet that can be more thorough and tell you what is wrong with Delph and Josie. My cats are little people to me as I'm sure yours are to you. I just doesn't sound right that they don't know what could be causing all this...I do hope you find both of them better when you go back to the dr. Not to be nosy, but please let all of us know how they are. I'll be pulling very hard for all of you...
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I told the vet tech a few times that Delph eats and throws up (actually, she throws up after she drinks, too), but I will make sure and tell the vet again this afternoon, just in case she hasn't thrown up there....it seems to take a few hours before she throws up (or at least, that's what yesterday morning and last night...poor baby was fast asleep and then she suddenly woke up, ran across the room, let out a weird cry and then started heaving).
The emergency vet took X-rays which showed they had not eaten a foreign object that was lodged there...I checked out all my plants (that they have been living with happily for a long time with no problems), and I didn't see any chewing marks on them. I don't think I have any dangerous ones...just some afican violets and then those plants that are seen everywhere becuase they're so simple to take care of. All the other plants are far out of the girls reach....unless they ate a leaf off the jade plant, but I don't think they did).
I'm not sure what Delph has. She hasn't pooped blood, like Josie did, and there was no blood on the thermometer after her temperature was taken (and there was blood on Josie's thermometer).
I'm glad they're at the vet, too. I've always had dogs, and blood (as long as it wasn't bright red) wasn't an extremely serious thing. I'm new to the (wonderful) world of cat-loving.
THanks for your help. Keep it coming!
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I will of course let you all know how they are. They are my princesses...they bring so much joy into my life, so I am so lucky to have met them (they both came to me, I had no intention of having a cat!).
I will get online when I get home and let you know what the vet says. I do not intend to leave the vet without a more concrete answer as to what is wrong with them. Josie has been sick for over a week, and Delph now for over a day...this is not somethign to take lightly, as far as I'm concerned.
Thank you for your thoughts.
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be stern - they need to give you answers and tell them not to beat around the bush - you need to know EVERYTHING. Also, for the exorbinant amount they will charge you I'm sure (ya, I know, everything costs something), you have the right to know everything! Good luck and keep us informed!!!!
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You guys are wonderful. I'm glad I found this site.
I just wanted to say that they both had normal temperatures, which is great news, right?!
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anyone heard from Steph...been wondering how the two babies, (Josie and Delph) are.Course we want to know how Steph is too. I'm sure she is feeling pretty bad with two sick children.
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Hi, all! thanks so much for your suggestions and kind words today. i just got home from picking Delph and Josie up. they were not happy campers at all, but the good news is that they both ate at the vet, and neither of them threw up. it looks like they're on the road to recovery!
the vet said it could have been caused by stress from my cat-sitting for a few days. Delph is friends with everyone, so i didn't think it would bother her...so i'm surprised if stress got to her. but i'm not going to dwell on it...as long as my princesses are home and happy and eating, that is all that matters (of course, i won't be cat-sitting anymore! i might have saved my friend a few bucks, but i think i funded the chicago veterinary services this past week!)

again, thank you so much. i'm so pleased to have found this website!

i hope you all have healthy, happy kitties and good days/evenings.
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I'm so happy and sure everyone else is to hear the good news of better kitties. I know I couldn't be of much help except feel for you and the darlings. Keep in touch as to how they are doing. Love hearing anytime. again SOOOOOOO HAPPY FOR GOOD NEWS.
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delph is on medication "as needed" just in case she continues to throw up, but i'm hoping that is over. they are both so happy to be home...both back to their usual loungin around lazily. ode to a cat's life...

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You know I've been so engrossed in the sick little girls, that I forgot to welcome you in...course I'm a new kid on the block too. this is one wonderful site. I can't even remember how I happened on it, but I am sooo glad I did. Everyone is so nice and helpful. It's so enjoyable seeing where everyone is from and being able to correspond with them. I hope the next time I hear from you your girls are fine and back to being happy campers. till then hang in there.
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p.s. forgot to say "see Ya'll later
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i'm not sure how i stumbled across the site either, but i can tell you one thing...i'm going to tell every cat/animal lover i know about it!
thanks for thinking of my girls. they're looking pretty much back to normal. tonight will be the test, i think. delph threw up about 24 times just last night , so i'm hoping she can make it through the night.
thanks, again! hope to talk to you again soon.
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Glad you found the site!! From what I have read, it sounds as if your vet is going through all the right steps. There are so many causes you have to take one step at a time. Even stress can bring on what you are describing. I hope she's back to normal soon
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Southern Kiddens! I do declaih.... I beleive my corset is too tight! :tounge2: :tounge2:

Anyway - I'm sooooo glad they are okay! That's great - keep an eye on them and let us know how they are
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