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Weird Behaviour help needed! IMPORTANT!

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First off I just want to say I think this is a pretty rad site!


Bagheria - Adult Male (Neutered) Larger than normal.
Beany - 8 months Female (Not Spayed)
Broody - 3 months Female (Not Spayed)

Had Bagheria for years with no behaviour problems. All in all he's been an amazing, calm, quiet cat. Keeps to himself mostly.

Introduced Beany to him, Got along amazing from the start. They played for months. Now they keep to themselves a bit because Bagheria isn't really the playful type.

Introduced Broody to both Bagheria and Beany, This took a couple days. Beany was really not cool with Broody initially, but they get along great now, and Bagheria and Broody are big-time pals. Broody is really lovey with him.


Like I said, Bagheria keeps to himself, likes to eat and sleep, and that's it. He is an older, larger cat. But he is a little twitchy & neurotic, chases his tail, body twitches sometimes...

So twice today (once this morning & once tonight) I hear heavy running throughout the house. Downstairs, Upstairs, and through the main hallway, than loud crying (Beany being chased by Bagheria). So I walk in the room and Bagheria has Beany (2nd oldest) pinned on the ground and is pushing on her and she is crying.. So i quickly broke it up.. and thought nothing of it really. But when it happened again the second time I got a little scared. Bagheria had a tuff of her hair in his mouth this time and i'm worried about this behaviour...?? They have always got along, played up until a few months ago, and Bagheria has shown no signs of agressiveness towards any living thing ever.. ? What is going on?

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She might be coming into heat. Even though he is neutered he will still respond to that. You need to have both your females spayed as soon as possible! Welcome to TCS, by the way.
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I would tend to agree. I had a male cat, neutered, and a female cat who remained unspayed for several months. Every time she went into heat, he would react with the typicaly growly, pin her down and get on top behavior . . . and then start to look very confused as if to say, "I could swear there was something I was supposed to do next". Get both girls fixed, and see if that resolves the problem. Also, you'll often hear people here suggest you invest in a product called "Feliway", which comes either in a spray bottle or a electrical outlet plug-in, and disperses synthetic cat phermones that say "calm down". Mimics the phermones given off when your cat rubs his/her cheek on something. I found that it really did help when I was having new cat introduction issues.
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