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I must be a late decorator... I start the first weekend in December for indoor stuff. For Outdoor things we try to puck the coldest day possible so out fingers freeze off attaching strings of lights to the hedge... it's tradition!
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Not having Thanksgiving here we usually decorate in the first week of December. This year, daughter won't be coming home from Uni until Dec 19th and it's a family tradition that we dress the tree together. So - Dec 19th it will be.

The tree always stays up until daughter's birthday on 8th January. She was supposed to be born on Boxing Day and big brother wanted the tree to be up when she came home from hospital. So now, we always leave it up until the day after her birthday.
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i don't decorate - i don't have any kids, & no man to put up lights, so i just don't do anything.
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I usually decorate the first weekend in December. My friends think I'm crazy because we don't actually stay at our house over Christmas i love the feel of Christmas though, so it's nice to decorate. I have lights strung up on the trees outside and I keep those up all year round.
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If I'm home at Thanksgiving, the lights on my balcony go up on Thanksgiving Night. If I'm going out of town, I either put them up before I leave or wait till I get home.

I hesitate to have a tree anymore because I'm afraid it will be climbed. LOL

I also put out a lot of Christmas bric a brac, but I may have to rethink that since, as I noted in a different thread, my three kitties seem to view every flat surface in my apartment as yet another segment of The Track. LOL

There is a radio station here in Kansas City that started playing all-day Christmas music YESTERDAY. Blech. I think Thanksgiving is plenty of notice.

My parents never put up decorations before December 15. I'm not that much of a traditionalist, but I do find it ironic that even 100 years ago, most people waited until Christmas Eve to decorate and now there are wreaths and ribbons in the stores when it's still summer out. LOL
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We aren't putting our tree up until Thanksgiving. We still have our Halloween lights on the balcony so Christmas lights won't get up for another week or 2.

Our neighbor put her tree up last night though!
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I decorate for whatever holiday is that month, on the 1st of that month. (Like for Thanksgiving I would start decorating on Novemer 1st) No earlier! I don't know why, just the way my family has always done it!
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