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When do you decorate for the holidays?

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It's November 1, so the holiday season is basically upon us. At midnight last night Earl informed me that Christmas is next month. AND he wants to start putting up lights this weekend! I'm trying really hard to talk him out of that. The Christmas Village is one thing, but lights already?!?! Oy!

So when do you start decorating for Christmas?
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Like my parents always did, my roommate and I usually decorate right after Thanksgiving weekend.
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Day after Thanksgiving. Lights come down sometime after New Years, but before Valentines Day. I don't like my holidays to overlap too much.

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I wait until after Thanksgiving, but don't go too crazy since we always go to my parents in FL for Xmas--no point getting a tree if its just going to sit unnoticed in an empty house!
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well.. the outdoor lights are up all year round..

and we don't really decorate otherwise.. We stopped putting the tree up because the cats.. our decorations on the tree are way to expensive for the cats to knock the tree over and break them.. so we put our gifts on the table, where Orion can't piddle on them.. as sometimes he does that. And the cats aren't allowed on the table, so they won't bother trying to rip at the papers either.

I forgot how close christmas is.. gotta get shopping!
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I decorate right after Thanksgivng. I do try to have my outside lights out and up. But I don't turn them on till the 1st of dec. I just have to get them up as I put up alot outside and it gets cold here sometimes we have snow by dec 1st. My tree doesn't go up inside till about 10 days before xmas. Aswe use a wood stove in the room where we have the tree. And it dries out really fast. I do have my xmas villages all set up though inside right after Thanksgivng. I also make my wreaths and have them up a few days after Thanksgiving..
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soon i hope but it should be by the first of Dec or thanksgiving im kind a humbugging this year to much work to decorate
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Though liberal Christian I was still raised Christian, so I celebrate the Advent season. There are five sundays in Advent, each with it's own "lesson", beginning with the first sunday after Thanksgiving. So, I put up my decorations the first sunday after Thanksgiving, when Advent begins. And I REALLY LOVE DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS. We have a whole suite of traditions in my family; my mom and I both put in the same music disc to decorate to, call each other up and cry over it, remind each other about when we got such-and-so decoration, and, and, and . . . I . . . can . . . . hardly . . . . WAIT. Look what you started!
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I'm with you Obi. At least to a point. I can't bear to see Christmas decorations up in November, when it's not even Advent yet. I'm sufficently disorganized that it's usually at least Advent 3 before I get any decorating done, and it stays up until Epiphany, but no longer (unless I'm even more disorganized than usual! )
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I decorate for halloween on oct. 1 then on nov. 1 i decorate for thanksgiving then the day after thanksgiving i decorate(if not the night of) for christmas and I leave it up till about a week after new years.
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Our decorations usually go up right after Thanksgiving.
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1st weekend in december, woooo hoooo i can't wait
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It certainly is time to start thinking about it. We ususally start right after Thanksgiving. I might do the front porch before then. I put up two trees inside. We built a new house three years ago and so the new is still wearing off. Have fun everyone and Happy Holidays.
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I don't really celebrate christmas, but I do put up decorations for my nieces and nephews. I tend to do that on christmas eve.
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Tree is up and decorating is in progress! (I start Nov, 1st...usually takes me almost a week to finish. This year may take me even longer as i`m going to have to make a lot of "kitty-proof" decorations for the tree with Toby and Tedy in the household now.(I do a lot for Christmas....my favorite time of the year....I`d leave it all up year around if people would`nt think I ws nuts!) I spend too much time decorating to only have it up a few weeks.
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All of my things are still in frankfurt.
I presume i will start 1st of dec too..
The germans decorate their trees on xmas eve.. BUT IM NOT GERMAN
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We decorate shortly after Thanksgiving.
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about a week b4 christmas,only putting up a tree no kids at home,but i get fed up with too much tinsle clutter so take it all down as soon as i can after newyear
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It's already dark here at 6 PM, so I kind of like lights in good taste. I won't put mine on untill the first advent (I'm not sure what you call it in English, the first sunday four weeks before Christmas). A honest atheist I am . Really, it's a pagan festival of light for me.
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My houe is a decoration free zone. I don't have any kids at home, and I do any of the visiting, so I don't bother.
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Probly a few days before Thanksgiving. I will be out of town (home with family ) for Thanksgiving-so I will get everything decorated and the tree up in the apartment before I leave. I can't wait-I love Christmas so much!!
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At home, I do it the day after Thanksgiving. While everyone else is out stampeding each other & mauling the aisles & going ballistic over parking spaces, my butt is at home putting Christmas stuff, listening to Christmas music, and chilllllliiiiing ouuuuut.

At my office, a beautiful 150 year old building, I decorate the week OF Thanksgiving! I am always alone because none of the stuffy, overpaid guys I work with feel like working... which is fine with me. So I jam to Christmas tunes, run around in stocking feet, and put up Christmas stuff!

Then I take it all down January 2nd.
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We are going to start decorating outside this weekend...before it gets really cold here...but we won't turn the lights on till the end of November
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When I DO decorate, its the weekend after Thanksgiving. The stuff comes down, on New Year's Day.
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Originally Posted by Miss Mew
We are going to start decorating outside this weekend...before it gets really cold here...but we won't turn the lights on till the end of November
That's what I'm trying to talk him into. He's trying to play the "practical" card that it's supposed to be nice this weekend, yadda yadda yadda. So if he wants to put up lights this weekend, OK...but I don't want to turn them ON until the week before Thanksgiving at the earliest! I'm from the tradition of putting up the decorations Thanksgiving or the day after (at least that weekend).
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I start after Thanksgiving also. For once I actually got the halloween stuff but away the next day!!
Tell him he is rushing the season!!
Once thing I won't miss is being forced to endure Christmas Musak at work!! I think they started playing that stuff right after thanksgiving-way too early if you ask me!!
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We usually go kind of crazy with Christmas decorations at my parents' house. Christmas a huge deal in my family...we all love it! The DAY after Thanksgiving, all 5 (yes, 5) Christmas trees go up. I put up a tree in my apartment right after that.

I'm really sort of conflicted about Christmas this year. My family and I are going on cruise in the carribean and to cozumel and will spend Christmas in Florida with my mom's family. I mean, I really can't argue or be sad about a Carriebean cruise, but I don't know how you Floridians do it...Christmas won't be Christmas unless I'm in Chicago with the cold weather and snow. I'm going to miss dinner at the Walnut Room, Field's Windows, The CSO's Welcome Yule, singing Christmas in Chicago, eating my one not-even-vegetarian meal at the Berghoff and drinking their root beer until I explode, doing all of my shopping on the mag mile...

It will probably be sunny and 75, which pretty much goes against everything I have ever known about Christmas.
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Usually the weekend after Thanksgiving/ first week of December.
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Originally Posted by fwan
The germans decorate their trees on xmas eve.. BUT IM NOT GERMAN
Either am I, but I still wait until Christmas Eve. Then I get to redecorate Christmas Day, etc., etc., etc., until January 2nd or 3rd, when everything that has survived the season (read: Jamie) comes down. We don't put up lights, so all the decorations (cat toys) are inside.
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I absolutely LOVE Christmas, it's my favourite time of year. I usually put up our Christmas decorations the first or second week in December....can't wait to start!
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