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Laser light and absolutely nutty cats

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Was at a record store the other day, and noticed a laser type of light for sale at 6 bucks. I had heard that they drive cats nuts when you play with them and it's true. I was worried about the guys not getting enough excersize because I just have a 1 bdrm apt, and don't let them out in the open air (something they haven't seen since baby's) So me The boys and the laser light had an absolute ball when I pulled in out. More funny than the sock on the string bit. Didn't know how quik they could be until I did this. I have a long hall to the apartments so some night when all are asleep I'm going to give them a cat run, healthy for them and funny too. If anyone else has one or is going to get one, please be carefull not to let the light shine in their eyes, it could damage they're sight. Mike, Medford, ore...
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are kit kats love the laser show its kind of hard to let them have real fun cause jake and gabby always try to pounce on the cats to make them stop i guess but are cats do have a blast Enjoy your laser with the putty cats
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Oh yeah, I have had the lasers before.. It's funny to make them go in circles
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Our cats love them too...circles are fun...so it making the light run off down the hallway and up the wall with the cat chasing. Just gotta be careful not to shine it in thier eyes.
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my marsh loves laser lights... here's him going for one

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My cats love it too! I don't use it much though. Mandarin gets too worked up and starts panting!!!
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I just got one about a week ago and every single one of my cats are going nuts. They all run and jump and try to climb the walls. It's hilarious to watch. And not to mention, healthy for them too. Baby is a little on the heavy side and has always been a little lazy, but man you should've seen the house shake when he was running from one room to another.
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Gosh yes, mine love their laser! They'd chase it until they fell over from exhaustion if I let them

Alfie also makes that cute, chirping, chattering sound if I shine it on the ceiling and he can't get it it
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