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Scaredy/petrified Cat

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I am here to ask for yet more advice, from people who know, on how to help my little kitty, Mozzie. Well Mozzie has just recovered from a bout of vomitting for which I posted on the Health and Nutrition forum under " Constantly Vomtting kitty !!! ". Anyway, he had to stay in the vets for a couple of days, and was reported to be 'terribly nervous' and everytime they went to give him meds, they had to dig him out of the bedding that he hid under. The only time he willingly came out was to get some food on the second day.

So now for the next crisis !!! In the past 24-ish hours, he has developed a fear of familiar objects. He used to love brooms and played with it, while we tried to sweep the kitchen. Or curtains, from which he would swing happily as he scaled to the summit, only to tear them down. He would play with my brothers tie, whilst Mark got ready for work, and other little things you'd expect from a mischievious, very hyper, kitten. He has been fine since he's been home, if a bit clingy. He barely left us, and insisted he followed us to our upstairs toilet, and greeted us like an excited puppy when we emerged. We just put it down to him being relieved he was back with us, as there is always someone here, and he's not been without human company for more than a couple of hours a week, if that.

Then yesterday, he was sitting on the table, facing me, his back to the curtain, and we were having a 'chat' ( I talk to him and tell him he's lovely, he sits upright, eyes half closed, as if he's saying
" Tell me something I don't know !!! " ) when suddenly he lept forward as if he'd been smacked on the back, and flew out the room. I followed, as he seemed terrified. I found him cowering on the stairs and he tried to make a break for it as I slowly reached for him. When I had him, he snuggled down under my chin shaking, and it took ages for him to calm down. Later on, my brother went to play his usualy game with his tie, in which Mozzie lies on his back and Mark bobs the tie up and down above his upstretched paws, for Mozzie to swipe. He was fine, and clearly loving it, until again, up leaps Mozzie, and tries to leave the worktop absoloutley terrified, but he smacked into my brothers glass of Pepsi and totally freaked out( he didn't get any Pepsi on him. He was terrified and when I finally managed to get him to come out from under the bed, he slept on me, after claming down, under my bedclothes on my chest. whenever I lifted the sheets to take a peak at him, he started to wrigggle backwards. It has, this evening, reached the point where he is afraid of us now too. He cowers down, runs from us, and practically rolls over onto his side with his tail between his legs if we should move towards him. He would rather run from us than be picked up, but he does seem to want to be with us. If we don't go to pick him up then he acts like he wants to be cuddled, by mewing and trying to curl up between our feet, but doesn't have the courage to stay if we move even the tiniest amount. He cannot bare my Dad near him, and panics whenever he so much moves, but I know my Dad, or anyone in this family haven't done anything to harm him. All 4 of my family members just sat for a 'What now meeting' and wiped away tears and sniffles, about an hour ago, because we are so very worried about him. We need advice on what to do now to restore his confidence. He is desperate for attention, but is just so afraid of everything. We are currently letting him be in the room without us to close by, and only talking to him from a distance whenever we move or get up or whatever, in a bid to stop his cowering. It is so hard to know what to do for our kitty. We've been through so much in the past few months of his life, and we refuse point blank to give up on him now, whatever it takes, whatever it costs. Please, we need help urgently to help sort our very unhappy cat out. The vet says there is nothing wrong with him and health-wise, he's ok.

Peace, Love and Happiness, Always

sorry it's such a huge post, ( yet again! ) but I figured, if I can give you guys as much info as poss, you might be able to help us more effectively.
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If your vet is male, that may be why he's suddenly afraid of the men in your family. The other times, it may be that he heard a noise or smelled an odor that somehow reminded him of the hospital.

Poor little guy, I wish I had some advice, but if it is one of the above things, time should work things out.

Good luck, and I love that you say you refuse to give up on him, no matter what.

Maybe some of the people who have had experience with Rescue Remedy can recommend if it may work for him.
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Without being there, it would be hard for me to pinpoint something. When a cat has a bad experience, pain or something shocking happen, they tend to do this. It could have been something her heard while sitting there, or it could be the trauma from the vet setting in. Usually time and a regualar routine will get him back into the swing of things. You can also try the Dr bachs rescue rememdy or a pill called be calm. You can usually find them at a general health and nutrition store. It helps to calm thier nerves a little.
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I really have no advice but I just hope your little guy is feeling better. It just breaks my heart that your baby is so terrified. He probably just needs time and constant TLC to get him back to normal. I hope he comes around soon....let us know what happens. :angel2:
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I agree with liman. It sounds like everyone has been through so much lately, I hope this latest problem is resolved soon.

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". . . .when suddenly he lept forward as if he'd been smacked on the back, and flew out the room.. . ."

Hi Sonia
I know that you said the vet said Mozzie was fine, but. . . I still wonder if something very transient and quick is happening in Mozzie's tummy or gut that is causing a brief but intense pain? I have a scaredy kitty too, but she does not have the same type of reactions as you are describing that Mozzie does following stressful situations. I would hate to think something is going on in his tummy that only happens periodically and hard to diagnose, like a piece of intestine that gets a kink in it or twist. . .

Anyway, I wonder if right after Mozzie has one of these attacks you could carefully and gently run your hands along his tummy as if you were petting him but trying to feel for a tender spot that makes him flinch. If he does have a tender spot, best take him to the vet.

Poor kitty I do hope he feels more comfortable and back to his energetic self.
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I would call the vet. I wouldn't say that's normal - especially since it's been a coupla days. Thats weird and unnerving for you, I'm sure... If it was me, I'd call and just ask, maybe it is normal, because he's been through so much. Poor Mozzie, I hope he's okay!
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Ok, I've tried searching his tummy for tender spots, but it takes two people to uncurl his tense little body, so we didn't try for long, as we didn't want to traumatise him. just as I picked up the phone to call the vet, out of the blue, the vet rang us, and said, after we told him what was happening, he'd do a free of charge home visit in a day, just to make sure he's ok, and in the meantime, he has advised us to start the Bach Rescue Remedy, as a work experience girl just admitted ( after he watched the CCTV tapes,discovered it, and then asked her ), to accidently banging the metal wall of Mozzie's pen with a brush, when she was cleaning the 'neighbours' pen. Apparently and understandably, Mozzie went wacko. Must have been like sitting inside a dustbin for him !!! The vet said it was an accident and we could see the tapes if we wanted to show that it wasn't deliberate in anyway. That might be it, but the vet is still going to give him the once over, though. The vet may be pretty useless with my guinea pigs, but he is always brilliant with our cats. So Mozzie has now had a couple of drops of Bach R.R. and we shall see what happens. Whoever said life was easy, really didn't have a clue !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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You are so fortunate that the vet was honest about what had happened during cage cleaning. It really shows that the vet has integrity. I do hope he is able to help Mozzie.
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It sounds like you have an awsome vet. The Dr Bachs should help calm him down enough to get back to normal. I would give it to him every 6 to 8 hours for a week or so and he how he does.
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have a hell of a vet - What a great guy for doing that - alot would just poo poo that and never tell you! Wow - thank goodness there are nice people out there!
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At least you know WHY Mozzie is acting that way, even if it doesn't make it all better. Poor little thing! At least your vet is willing to take responsibility and work to fix the problem.

Good luck and snuggles to Mozzie!
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The vet came today. He checked Mozzie all over and gave him the all clear. The gut is normal, the stools and urine look normal, his ears and eyes are fine, and his claws and teeth were in full working order
today, judging by all the wounds sustained !!! So it is the Bach Remedy that we are going to continue with, and hope the trauma soon fizzles away from Mozzie's mind.

The vet bought us a large beautiful bouquet of flowers, a bottle of Rescue Remedy, and half fresh roast chicken along for Mozzie, with to cartons of cat milk to wash it down with. I am so lucky to have a great vet like him, and he apologised again for the incident at his surgery. He stayed over an hour in the end, as we had tea and biscuits ( very English !!! ) and a long chat of anicdotes on other felines he's treated, and had been injured by, as he staunched the bloodflow on his arms. It was brilliant. Then he met my guinea pigs, who I don't let him treat as I'm sceptical of hs knowledge on them, and he said that he certainly didn't know enough about piggies conditions, compared to the cat and dog side of things. We were shocked to hear a vet admit to anything, so I quickly armed him with a load of details on the rodentology classes in Cambridge, and he said he will definately be checking it out !!! Wow...what a guy...what a vet !!! I am lucky !!!

Anyway, when Mozzie comes out from under my bed, I am sure he would send you all a thank you meow/yowl, but in the meantime, all of us in my family, send everyone here a heartfelt thanks for all your advice and continuous support. THANK YOU !!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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Wow! is about all I can say -- what a great vet!

sending soft head bonks to Mozzie whenever he's ready
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it is SO GREAT to hear about good, sincere vets! I, too am blessed with the best in Mass! Great for you and I'm so glad he made you feel better - HEY! I want 1/2 a chicken for MY cat!!!! I'm callin my vet right now.....:tounge2:
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WOW! That is a great vet! I wish I could find one like that for my babies!

I am so glad to hear that Mozzie is ok at least physically. Mental traumas take time, for humans and animals. Obviously, you and your family are up to taking the time, patience and love to make him comfortable with his environment again.

Keep us posted with his progress. And lots of snuggles to Mozzie from me and my babies.
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