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what antivirus software program do you use

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I was using Symantec’s Norton SystemWork 2005 But when i got my new computer i never installed it again I still have a open account
right now im using [etrust EZ aramor] from road runner its free
But im thinking of going back to norton Im able to do more stuff like Optimizes file storage for faster hard drive performance identify and fix common PC problems I dont have that with etrust and believe me i do get problems

so how do you fill about your (antivirus software program)
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I use Norton
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Originally Posted by emb_78
I use Norton
Gosh your fast you should be playing on the jeopardy show
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Originally Posted by RockinRhonda
Gosh your fast you should be playing on the jeopardy show
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GData (German software), which is updated daily. I use McAfee's firewall, too.
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Norton Internet Security
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Norton. I think it's 2004 that I have, and I've been satisfied. Rob had some issues with an earlier version (I think 2003), and wasn't getting satisfactory answers from their tech people, so he switched to PC-cillin, which he's happy with. I'll soon need to renew my NAV subscription, so will probably look more closely at PC-cillin before I do, in case there's reason to change.
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I dont use either of them.. I have Kasperskys Anti Virus... If you can afford it, its the best there is!
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We use BitDefender, which is the absolute best we have found. I have Symantec/Norton at work, and we always get updates and notices at home sooner than I ever have with Norton - sometimes by DAYS! Personally, I can't stand Norton - it just isn't that good. If I had to choose between Norton and McAfee, I would definitely go with McAfee.
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I used Virex for OSX, which I THINK is McAffee powered.
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I use AVG Free version. It updates automatically and I've never had a problem.
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AVG all the way-- updates on its own and is FREE_- been using it for severalyears with no problems and none of those danged popups telling me my subscription is going to expire! UGHHH i hate norton and mcafee!
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AVG all the way here too......had one of the two named a couple of years ago and had a virus that it couldn't find....AVG found and fixed it...I've been hooked ever since!
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Good advice as my Norton expires today!!
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AVG definately rocks. I've been using it for about two years now, and I love it! They're making it harder to find the free version, but its there if you're just using it at home, just gotta look for it!
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I use AVG Free. My computer guy doesn't like Norton or McAfee.

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I use AVG also. My Computer came with McAfee. When it expired, I found it to be too expensive, and found AVG. I like AVG better, to be honest.
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Neither, I use Antivir. Free and IMO better than Norton, which I previously had. A perfect combination with ZoneAlarm free firewall.
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I don't use either or Windows, I use Linux and also OSX (Mac), mostly Linux on the 'net though.
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I use the free AVG also! I love it.
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I've used both they both suck.
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Panda at work. Its great and doesn't try to run my computer.
I had AVG at home, but it no longer supports Windows 95 I'm geting a newER computer soon.
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I've used Panda, McAfee, and now Norton, but the only reason I have norton was because It was almost free with rebates. i don't think it's that great.
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I have Norton (The Internet Suite whatever it is called) currently and have never had any problems with it. It expires this month and I've though about looking around but we'll see. I have McAfee at work and I hate it. I'll check into AVG.
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I use Norton AntiVirus 2005.
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AVG 7 and like most techs who aren't paid by Norton or McAfee, we don't use it. It's bloated and doesn't get the stuff it's suppose to and why PAY for a/v when there is free a/v and firewalls out there. Use ZoneAlarm Free as your firewall and PLEASE do NOT depend on XP SP2 alone. Liz
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after reading all the post here last night i went a head and installed my norton back i might as well its paid up till july i just got slack and never installed it I also did the quick clean things and i found over 150 problem in my pc and i reparied that with norton

for some reason the problems always end up in the registry file's I dont know how that keeps happen and short cuts that to
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