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how many of you have 2 litter boxes?

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I was just curious as I've read several posts refuring to 2 or more litter boxes.I only have 1 kitty kat....Blaze and have only 1 litter box.She pees and poos in the same box .I do clean out all poo every other day and then change the litter once a week.
I'm NOT complaining!!! I was just curious.
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When I only had one cat, I had one litterbox. Now that I have two cats, I have two litterboxes. Neither of my cats mind having pee and poop in the same box. I also scoop once or twice a day.
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When I had 2 cats, they shared 1 large litterbox with no problems. Our furry little family is not so little anymore...7 furry faces and 4 litterboxes. All 4 litterboxes are scooped out twice a day and once a week they get completely dumped, washed-out and refilled. Busy, busy
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Since you're not having any problems, you don't need another box.
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When I had one cat, I only had one box. I ended up buying the second box for the bathroom where Rowan was staying while I introduced him to Bella. And cats at my parents' house have always just had one box, and they have a very large house (2 stories and the full basement).
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We have two and both cats use both.
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I Have 6 boxes- one for each cat....
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I actually have 3 litterboxes because we have 7 kitties,
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2 litter boxes for 3 cats. Gilbert doesnt like to share.
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One big box for one big kitty... I'm in a studio apartment, so I don't have room for another - I scoop at least once a day... if I leave town for the weekend, I'll set up his old litter box in the kitchen so he has an option and some more space to go... he does very well pooing/peeing equally in the two when I'm away
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I have 3 kittys and 4 litter boxes
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One indoor kitty, one litter box, no problems here. (Perseus is an outdoor guy.)
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We have 2 kitties and one BIG litter box.....they both share and have even been known to be in it at the same time. I scoop at least AM and PM and sometimes in between if I smell anything.So far it works for us...if it ever does`nt then i`ll get another litter box.
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I have 4 cats and 3 litter boxes.
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I ahve four cats, and have two litterboxes.. one normal sized one.. and then a big one. We do have a spare that we don't use at the moment, if we ever need it then its there to use.

But I scoop at least twice daily, and more if theres company coming over.. so its clean all the time practically.
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we have two litter boxes for one very spoiled little kitty....we decided that was the best option because she took up pooping and peeing where we now have the second box.
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i have three cats and five JUMBO litter boxes

when i only had one cat, one box was just fine.
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I have ten litter pans upstairs- two kiddy pools in the cat enclosure that the cats love as a litter pan- yes they have litter in them not water- and three under the bed containers also out in the enclosure that are litter pans. I have 14 cats
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I have just one and Pawsli seems to be fine with that. Gegi is outdoors, but doesn't like to go outside so he has his own box inside his room in the barn.
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I have four boxes for three cats and I scoop two to three or more times a day. And in addition, two of my cats are indoor-outdoor, so occasionally do their duties outside. If I'm going to be spending almost all my waking hours downstairs, where the boxes are and will be available to easily scoop on demand, I'll fill just two boxes after I've cleaned them, but I usually have to fill the third and often the fourth before the week is out. Red Cat WILL NOT use a dirty box. And he has a very big voice to so inform me!
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I was told by my breeder that n+1 litter boxes is teh way to go. But I've decided as long as I have large litter boxes then its not a problem. I have 3 cats and 3 large litter boxes. They almost ignore one of them but its there if they want it. When I had one cat I only needed one litter box. He'd go outside for a while and then come in to go to the bathroom .
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I have 3 cats, and 3 litterboxes. However, one is in my bathroom, and it is never used. They only use the two in the main bathroom, which is scooped almost daily, and dumped as needed. The two litterboxes in the main bathroom are very large.
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2 boxes for 2 cats, scooped every 2 days (or the big guy bullies the kitten out of the cleanest one)

Want to get the automatic scooping one.
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I scoop once a day, lazy broad that I am, but they seem to be okay with that. They migrate daily ... one day the bathroom box is "action central," the next day, the one in my bedroom is, the next day, the one in the guest room is. As far as I can tell, all three cats have used all three boxes. Not that I sit around watching them. LOL
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I have 5 cats and 3 litter boxes.
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