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roundworm/ Strongid

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OK guys. This is not a question, but just to tell you my experience. Maybe it would be useful to somebody.

So my babe has roundworms, got dewormed with Strongid 2 weeks ago and still has loose stool, distended stomach and foul breadth. Sent a stool sample to my vet several days ago, and I was told that he is still shedding roundworms, but there was nothing else in the stool. The vet told me he would need probably several doses of Strongid to clear the worms. Then I asked if I can either pick up the second dose of strongid, or bring the cat there so that they can administer it, the vet's office said no, and that I have to make a vet appointment for them to administer Strongid to my kitty. I would understand if they would charge me an administration cost and the price for the medicine. But to charge a doctor's visit just to administer the medicine??? I decided the vet's office is taking me for a ride. Anyway, I am a pharmacist, and decided to look up what is in Strongid anyway, and this is what I found. Chemical name is Pyrantel Pamoate. And that's when it registered in my head. It is an over-the-counter medicine that can be obtained without a prescription for humans! (for the same purpose, roundworms and pinworms). Pfizer makes Strongid T and C for pets (dogs, cats, horses), and "Antiminth" for humans--the same drug and interestingly also caramel flavored like the one for the pets. Other companies also make the medicine for humans (Reese's Pinworm is the same thing). Anyway, I looked up the proper dose for a cat, bought it over the counter from a pharmacy and administered it myself. Now, I am not saying that the vet's visit is not necessary. I still need the vet to diagnose the loose stool and do a stool sample, but if your vet charges you a doctor's visit just to administer the Strongid, maybe you all can do the same thing I did.

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Sometimes I hate vets. When my cat Romeo was dying on my kitchen floor and I had to call the emergency vet office (which is not my vet - they cover their emergencies) the told me to make sure to bring a credit card! Now I understand they get alot of crazy people in the middle of the night (it was 0500 in the AM), but I explained to them I've been a client for 20 years bla blalbla (as I'm hysterically crying mind you), and she just kept telling me they wouldn't see the cat without $$$!!!! I had the credit card, but the way they do it! I'm hysterical and all the woman wants to know is what my Credit Card number is! I hung up on her and I called my vet and she met me @ her office and unfortunately he succumed, but SHEESH! It cost me 800 bucks there, I can't imagine what they woulda charged me.... Thank God I have a great vet.

My vet always lets me come and get meds. Probably cuz they've known me for so long, but some of them...sheesh.... act like your takin food outa their kids mouths! I woulda told the vet to pound sand.... ....come in for an appointment...I'll give you an appointment...with my fooot!:tounge2:
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That's one thing that bothered me when my vet went to using the emergency vet. If I had no money, my vet would still see me and let me pay it out, write a post-dated check, even write several post-dated checks if that's what I needed to do, because I had been going to him for so long.

The emergency vet requires payment in full that night.

In fact, last night my car leaked antifreeze, and one of my cats got out. All I could think of was "if she licks that, I have no money!"

Fortunately, she was captured in time, and the antifreeze eventually soaked into the ground.
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My vet just started that crap recently. It's because they are so short handed, they barely sleep as it is. Fortunately, I can call and get them if I really need to, because I've been w/them so long. Yup, I'm on the freindly payment plan w/Romeo's bill - down to 600 now.... arg.... no....money... Oh, the cats will be healthy, but I don't eat.... oh well.....:tounge2:

How long have you had your vet? It seems like all the vets started doing the pay before recently (a year or so).

Another problem we have in my area (more w/large animal) is when the vet's hire someone, they have to sign a "no competition" clause. So, if they leave the practice, they can't start their own within xxx miles. The problem is that our two practices that service the area I live (lots of horses in a huge area) in are ABSOLUTELY SWAMPED. You make an appt for 4pm and they show up at 6 or 7 because they are short handed. They should allow someone else to start a practice because it's getting rediculous - one of the guys who worked for another vet I know is going to NY to do Equine reproduction because he just wasn't making enough, and the vet has no one to take his place and he's way, way, overworked as it is! And this vet said he would have stayed in the area but he can't because of the "clause"! I just don't get it sometimes They are so stressed out and tired......
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