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feeding feral cats meat fat

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my grandmal feeds feral cats at her house. should she put out meat fat as extra food so they can get fat and be better protected from the cold?
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I take and boil a whole chicken and save the broth. Before wintertime, I begin to drizzle the thawed and heated broth over the dry food. This gives the cats a fat reserve for the cold winter months. Also making sure they have water that is not iced over is important as well.
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we have been caring for a feral colony and just recently one had a foot injury ,as they were quite used to us we started feeding chicken chunks to coax him in a cat carrier(nobody could borrow us a trap)we tried chicken and stewed steak,even irish stew!!!! we put meat fat( called dripping or lard over here)mixed with the stewed steak,it took us two weeks to get him in(voluntarily)in the process all the other ferals thought it was christmas come early and they all got a little more fatter,
two days later an outbreak of cat flu swept through the colony and some started to lose weight (their little throats must have been so sore) a couple went missing for a couple of days,but they are all now getting over it,i think if they hadn't had that extra fat reserve just before,i do not think they would have come through it,

so i do not see any harm in a bit of meat fat to supplement their diet,you never know when they will need those extra reserves,especially now with the onset of winter
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I do the same thing Hissy does...warmed chicken broth over their dry food.

In addition, before it starts to get really cold, I start buying & feeding them raw chop meat. If their water supply freezes, they can get moisture from the raw chop meat & it is also high in fat. They look like they are already starting to bulk-up.
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Cats will naturally eat more to put on a layer of fat for winter. They should simply be fed as much cat food as they will eat, preferably twice a day. Don't leave the food out for more than an hour at a time, though, because if it sits out too long it gets gross and the cats won't eat it and it attracts pests.

I would worry about the cats getting diarrhea from eating plain meat fat. Tasty canned food would be a better way to encourage them to eat more calories.
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