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What Breed?

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Any help with identifying would be appreciated.

Pinky has a tabby look except she seems to have spots more than stripes. Also, any help identifying why she carries her tail in a circle would also be welcomed.
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Look at the links to pics in "Mystery Cat - Help" in this forum! Our cats look similar. My cat has the same spots on her back hind area, but no white. The tail markings look similar too. Mine has been determined to be a brown mackerel tabby. Someone here will help you soon, I know nothing about this stuff! But I think cat's tails are part of their communication. Maybe he's really proud of his tail. Maybe he hates carrying it low, it tickles him or something. No idea really.
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She is no particular breed, a Domestic Short Hair. Her Color/markings are a poorly marked brown spotted tabby and white. The reason her tail is carried in a circle is probably due to genetics, a defect similar to a kink in the tail, I have a cat that has a curly tail. I saw your post on the other board about finding a cat with a curly tail to breed to her, I would highly suggest against doing this, if it is a genetic trait it may not be passed on or even worse cause fatalities in the kittens. There are plenty of kittens out there that are killed every day, please do not breed a DSH (mixed breed cat)
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Appreciate the replies, she is not being bred at this time. I was contacting a lady in California regarding the trait but she is not sure that this is the same trait as what she calls a ring-tailed sing-a-ling TM.

Regarding the killing of kittens, I suggest looking at the link posted by bluekat. It was very informative. Pets who have owners are rarely killed because of overpopulation. Feral cats are another thing.

She is definitely a mix of many, that I do agree with.
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I must agree with PiddyPats - kittens are killed every day. I have been rescuing for five years and many owners come into unforseen problems and their cats go to shelters, many do not get adopted and are killed. Although your kitty is certainly cute and you love her, she is a domestic cat, a brown mackerel tabby which is quite ordinary and breeding her would be a shame, even if you keep every kitten. When there is a genetic defect, "breeding" it into a line can only create heartache for you and the kittens. Also, for every domestic kitten you breed, one dies in a shelter because a home is taken away. There are too many domestics as is.

While I know you can say I am living a double standard because I breed Abysinnians, all my domestics are spayed and nuetered because of the overpopulation of domestic cats in general. It is not the ferals that are dying in the kill shelters, because they don't take in ferals - they kill people's pets. The ferals die from exposure, violence, lack of food and disease - and ferals come from cats who were once people's pets and thrown away.
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You have a Ocicat, they have spots on their body. I have an Ocicat, he is very wild. Is your cat wild?
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