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Frisbee catching mutts had nothing on Mr. BJ

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So, now that you know how I came by Mr. Beaujangles; I'll tell you about the night I learned one of his many tricks. When I lived in the D.C. area I worked part-time evenings as a cocktail waitress. Floral Designers did not make but about $200 a wk. take home and I could clear an easy $300 a weekend as a waitress when Disco was King in th late 70's (I told you people, I been around. . . .) A group of guys and gals I worked with would get together week nites to play small stakes poker. We usually played at our house because we could accomadate 6 to 8 people, (most of the others lived in small apartments). We were well into the games one night and one of the guys was having a rotten string of luck; after another bad hand he lost his temper and hurled his cardboard coaster out the archway from the dining room into the living room. (the coasters were the kind of heavy cardboard about 31/2ins. in diameter with beer or liquor distributor advertising on them; they used to be used by all the bars and clubs so I had brought some home from work. Thrown underhand they would soar like mini frisbees) After Randy hurled his coaster in disgust, one of the other guys said, " Do that again. I think the big black and white cat just grabbed it out of the air." We all thought it was a fluke, but when we flipped another Mr. Beaujangles stretched up and caught it between his front paws big as you please. Not only the ones that came near him, but he would run and dive or flip over in the air to catch them. (he missed very few) Everyone wanted to know how long it had taken me to teach him to do that, but I swear, it was the first time he had ever done it that I knew of. After that he continued to show off whenever the poker guys were around and sometimes he would catch coasters for me or Joann but mostly he liked to do it for crowds when he could claim the center of attention. Truly a performer's ego. . . . .
I want to thank you all again for putting up with me. It is very cathargic for me to remember my "kids" even though I have been on the verge of tears a few times. Tomorrow nite maybe the story of Princess Anastasia and her experience with unplanned hang-gliding. Nite, nite, all my new friends.
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Dear ThreeLeggedKat,
Please, you must disclose your first name...I am quite sure this one is not on your birth certificate and your talent for telling the best stories, I should say is marvelous and I'd like to know who you are when you become famous!
If you don't mind me saying, I think you should publish a book of cat tales! I think (I know) many, if not all of us here at The Cat Site would buy a copy. I just wanted to tell you that you're definitely the best and I can't wait to hear another!
God Bless
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I agree!!!! You should definatley write a book!!!!
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