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Our D.T. for sunday

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Happy Sunday all!!

hope everyone had a great weekend! Today I'm going to go swimming at the gym, and then go tanning. I'm going to Miami in 2 weeks and I want to have a base tan before I go so I don't burn. Then I need to go grocery shopping. Been making my list and planningo out meals for the week.

Got a few errands run yesterday which was nice. I like to get things done. Makes me feel productive. For X-mas I bought the S/O a pair of jeans from K-mart. He loves the dickies brand, so that's what he got. Well I had bought him the 'painters pants' kind and he didn't like it. So finally, YESTERDAY we took them back. Picked out a different style, exchanged them and brought them home. He tries them on and they don't fit So last night, in the pouring rain I go out and return them again, pick out a different size, come home, toss them to him and tell him to try them on. He says 'these are the same jeans' the clerk at the returns desk put the SAME jeans back in my bag and gave them to me instead of the different size I had given him. I called up there and he confirmed he had the right ones in front of him and just didn't get them in the bag. I was so pissed. After going up there twice I wasn't going again. I guess I'll go today. I don't know why but I can't seem to get the right stupid jeans.

anyway, what do you all have planned for the day?
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Good morning Colby!!

I asked the hubby if he wanted to go out for breakfast, he didn't, so I am thinking about calling a friend and seeing if they want to go for a late breakfast, or brunch as they call it some places.

Then I have to take my videos back, and I want to run into walmart and buy the stroller and car seat they have on sale.

We watched Captain Corelli's Mandolin last night....with Nicolas cage and penelope Cruz....it was an awesome movie!!!!! I LOVED it!!!
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AP that was a nice rant to read on a peaceful Sunday day! *G* So Miami huh? Is this a concert thing for work, or are you just going for pleasure?

It is sunny today, but bad weather is coming in quickly. I want to get one good ride in on Racer before it hits, so am waiting for a call from a friend to see if she wants to join us. Riding alone is not always wise. Mike is still asleep at 8:00 so I am trying to be quiet and not wake him. Cleaned out the cages this morning, fed the horse, said hello to the barn cats and am just sitting here trying to collect my thoughts. Not sure what I am going to do today, though I have to register for next term- which I can do on the Internet! Other than that, I just have housework and laundry to do.

Hi Debby, I posted and saw your reply there. When are you due exactly? I have a friend who is due anyday now, she is so glad to have it almost over, she hasn't been able to sleep much in the last week or so, because she says she is so "HUGE!" LOL It is her first and a boy.
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Good morning!

Today my plan is to fight for the computer! the S/O's Dad is here and he happens to be addicted to one of my computer games. Of course, I thought it would be funny last year to beat all of his scores so when he came back this year he'd have to beat them again. Ha! It WAS funny (You should have seen the look on his face!) but it backfired ~ I can't get on the computer now! Thankfully the they're plannning on going to a movie or something today, so I should be able to claim the computer again a bit later for an hour or two!

I was supposed to help a friend move yesterday, but she decided to hold off for a week or two. So I didn't have any plans and ended up sitting around the house doing not much of anything. Unfortunately, that's all I have planned today, also, as I canceled my skiing plans to help my friend move. But NEXT week I'm going skiing!!! Period!!!
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Hissy.... August 1st. I figured I better get started on buying some stuff, as I have nothing so far. A friend was going to give me a crib, but recently changed her mind and decided to sell it to her mother-in-law because her sisiter-in-law is pregnant. But that is okay...but now I have to look for one of those, too, and they all are so expensive!
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two words! Garage sales! That is if the weather is good where you are. There are always tons of baby stuff at garage sales around here.
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Yes, I am planning on hitting lots of garage sales, once the weather warms up a bit.

Well, I have to go offline soon, I have some critter cages to clean,(duprasi, and hedgehog) and then need to run to town.

You guys all have a great day!!!
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I'm catching up on my tv. sounds dumb! No, the Tivo is getting full so I have to watch some stuff before it drops off. It's okay, because my daughter slept at a friend's house last night so we aren't fighting for the remote.

Actually, she already came by and dropped off her jammies, but she's off playing again. Cold but sunny, good for her to be outside.

Her dad is supposed to come over today to help me put her room in order. She's still all packed because when they brought the stuff in I wasn't here. They just put it in her room in the order it came off the truck, so like the desk is in the middle of the room etc. I can't move the boxes myself to get them out of the way toput the furniture where it belongs. And of course I can't empty the boxes into the shelves because then I can't move the shelves. So I need a little help with that.

I called an old roommate of mine, and she's going to come down for a visit in a few weeks when her computer class is over. This is good news for me, have some company for a little while.
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Allison, I WISH I had tivo!! Maybe one day we'll get it. *fingers crossed*

I'm going to Miami for work. There is a convention there that some of us from work will be attending. I was there last year for one and it was a blast.

Debby, I love garage sales! it's not often I get up early enough to go (gotta get there when it starts or you'll never find anything good)

My grandmother is a master at finding garage sale bargains. She can talk anyone down on the price. I get a kick out of watching her barter.
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You know, I would have completely mocked anybody who said it was life-changing, but for us it is.

For example, in the Central time zone, kids' shows end about 7 o'clock, but my daughter is often up until 8 or 9. I can't always watch prime time programming because it just isn't suitable for a younger child (or an older child, or sometimes me!). So Tivo records our favorite shows, and she can watch something decent between dinner and bed, and I can watch my stuff after she's asleep. Plus it can get movies or other programs that are on late at night that we would ordinarily miss.
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Allison, I don't find it so farfetched that Tivo could change your life! It gives you lots of freedom. You don't have to change your schedule to watch favorite shows. There isn't much I'll move my schedule around for. Maybe survivor and CSI. Other than that I'll just miss out.

I've got a couple friends with Tivo and they love it. The simply rave about it. I just don't know if I can justify the expense after we pay for cable for the tv & internet, have a playstation 1 & 2, a dvd player and vcr. not to mention the computer and my laptop. I just don't know how many 'toys' we need and I feel guilty getting one more. It seems really excessive. But I do know the S/O and I would LOVE it.

maybe one day.
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Well, now that they have the Tivo that can record 2 channels or record one channel and watch another, I bet lots of people are getting rid of their old ones. You could probably start finding them in for sale ads and at yard sales and stuff, if you do twice-loved stuff at all.
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I realize this is Sunday's thread, so noone may read this, but I am going to take the chance....I am wanting some more info on this Tivo thing.
I have never completely understood what it is about. I know it can record all your favorite shows so you can watch them later, but how is that different from my vcr? I can set the timer on my vcr to come on at various times during the week, every week, and tape certain shows, then I watch them later. how is tivo different?

I know it is, don't get me wrong....I just don't know how? What is it that I am missing here?

I have my vcr set to come on mon-fri and tape my favorite soap, and also to come on once a week and tape one of my favorite sitcoms, and it does this every week, without fail, or having to reprogram it.

I could set it to tape more if I wanted, so I am not sure how tivo is different.
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From what I understand Tivo is more like a hard drive that records television for you instead of like a vcr where you need a video tape.

I don't know much about it,but since I am home most of the time I don't miss any shows normally. If it was cheap, I'd probably get it just for my hubby, but I am sure they are outrageously priced!
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So is the only real difference that you don't need a video tape?
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And thank you for answering me, by the way, I wasn't sure anyone would, since this was the daily thread for yesterday.
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Check out this link to learn all about Tivo:

A friend of mine has it and adores it. I'm not sure he could live without it now . I hear that it's rather addictive.
Some of the neat features: Tivo tapes things according to your tastes (you give Tivo some info and it uses that to tape shows that fit your interests). You can pause a live show (actually, I think it works on a time delay thing). You can easily skip thorugh commericals. And, you can store lots of shows on it before you need to get rid of some stuff (unlike switching VCR tapes more often).

Tivo's main competitor is Ultimate TV:
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Thanks Vikki! I will go check out that website!
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