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WOW!!! What a beautiful coat! I have never seen such a pretty gray! What breed is he/she?
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i got her from the humane society, so not sure of the breed... just all gray with the green eyes... but the other pics were cute too, i'll have to try to resize them later... check back!
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I actually seen them, were there three or so?? I seen them when they were really big before the oversized thing came up!!!! They were pretty big lol lol but somehow they made it through when I was first looking, they arent there now though. I would love to see more of her if you have them
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She is beautiful!
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She's gorgeous!
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She's a lovely kitty!
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I Gray kitties!!!
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Gorgeous... i wish i could have seen the other pictures! i love grey kitties as well both of mine are grey with green eyes too. THanks for sharing
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I want Shiraz. She is beautiful.
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Thanks, i think she's cute too, hopefully these arent too big
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She is so beautiful..thanks for showing us.
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thanks for all the nice comments... she's my baby
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i love the pictures!! so beautiful.
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