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Male Cat and Male Kitten Victimising Female (spayed) cat....

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Things were going pretty well with the introductions of Tibby (2y/o, neutered), Molly (2y/o, spayed) and Willow (6 months, soon to be neutered) until recently.

Willow has been pretty feisty towards both Tibby and Molly - chasing them and generally scaring them (even his big meow worries them sometimes!) But they have still been quite happy to stay in the same room together. (Molly will go upstairs, but she has always liked her own room)

But, today, both Tibby and Willow have been chasing Molly and terrorising her. She has been screaming at them both today There has only been one fight (not bad - just a lot of noise - no bloodshed) between Molly and Willow, and also a few scraps with Tibby and Molly.

I am aiming to get Willow neutered this week, in the hope that this may calm him down somewhat!

Why are they victimising Molly and why has Tibby suddenly decided to join in?! (Molly is the smallest of the three, by far!)

Any and all help and advice will be greatly appreciated!
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Oh no, poor Molly No advice, just a
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Poor darlings, who knows what determines such actions. I hope they calm down during the time....
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It may be that Tibby realises that at least he isn't being victimised if he joins in with Willow victimising Molly and so is copying. The neuter should help Willow settle down but it may be that Willow is trying to establish himself in the pecking order. A Feliway plug-in ( http://www.catsplay.com/feliway.php3 ) may help settle things.
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Thank you, guys!

I do have a feliway, but will think of getting a few more to get the whole place smelling like it! (I hope that that will help!)

I had never thought that it might be that Willow is trying to find his place - it makes a LOT of sense!

He is being neutered tomorrow, so we will be able to see how things go!

Molly has come downstairs and had a hug, so she's feeling a little more confident - especially when cuddles are readily available!

Is there anything to especially worry about with the effects on Molly? Is there anything, anything, else that I can do to help?!

Thank you again, I truely do appreciate your help and support!
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Many people have had a lot of sucess with the Bach Flower Essences: http://www.catfaeries.com/essences.html
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Thank you, Tania! I'll see if I can get that in the UK! My Health Food Shop should have some - I would have thought!

Well, Willow is being neutered today, so we'll have to see how this changes things - I'll be taking all your advice and running with it too, though!

Something will work, I just know it!
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sar, i got my bach rr at holland and barrett. they have an online store too if you cant be bothered to go to the shops
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Ah, Rescue Remedy! Cheers, Nicky!

I do have that! I'll give it a go! I got confused by all the special ones on the website!
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