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Getting neutered tomorrow!

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Just asking for some good thoughts for Bailey who's getting neutered tomorrow. They use a laser somehow there, I don't know much about that type of surgery at all. Is it any harder/easier for the cat to recover from?
He has also recovered fine from the rubber bracelet eating incident without needing surgery.
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Good thoughts and wishes for sweet Bailey. He'll be just fine I'm sure. Give him extra hugs and kitty kisses.
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Laser might be a little easier to recover from (less chance of bleeding), but a neuter is a very easy recovery to begin with. He'll be running around this evening as if nothing ever happened.
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Good vibes coming your way

Neutering really isn't that bad for them, my two were neutered, had hernias fixed, and Max had major surgery to repair some muscles - and they were both wandering around as if nothing had happened the next day!
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Lots of good vibes for Bailey. He will recover really quickly.
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Bailey will be running around like new the day after tomorrow. Good vibes coming his way!
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So is he home yet and how is he doing? (And how are YOU doing???) :-)
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I think he goes in tomorrow... She wrote the post today
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Hope it all goes well.
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I'm happy to report that Bailey came through being neutered just fine, and is resisting my best efforts to keep him quiet tonight. They also trimmed his claws and gave him an ear tattoo while he was there
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That is good news..
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Yea, Bailey!
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