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Every morning I wake to more and more reports of terrorism in your country. If you see this would you please let me know how you are doing? Please stay safe, all of you!
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Yes, Anne. I was just thinking about you. Please let us know how you're doing.
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Ditto that. You are in my thoughts and prayers
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I agree...I worry about you alot, when I hear these things. let us know how you are doing soon.
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Same goes here. I keep reading in the papers how it's getting closer and closer to areas like you live in. I cant remember the name of the area there that you live and every time I read in the paper that the terrorism has moved to such and such I always worry about you.
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I agree -- It seems to be getting more and more violent in Israel. I hope you are in a "safe" part of Israel. I worry, too!

Now, on a lighter note: How is little Ron doing! Is he growing like a weed yet?:tounge2:
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I hope that your family will continue to stay safe. Keep us updated as to what is going on near you.
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Anne, I know you are very busy right now, but we are so worried about you. I get worried whenever we don't hear from you for awhile. You are in my prayers constantly.
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