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A Sad Note:

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Barbara(meme) asked me to pass along to you the notice that her cousin Roy passed away this afternoon. Some of you know that he has been in very bad health for the past months. Now he's home in God's hands. Peace my Brother!!
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I am so sorry to hear that. I knew she posted about him a while back, I was hoping he was doing better.
Give her our condolences.
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I can remember Meme posting about him a while ago too. Please give her my condolences.

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Thank you Wayne for letting us know about this. I am very sorry for the family's loss.
Deb M.
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Kittyfoot - Please give Meme my condolences on the death of her cousin Roy. I am sorry for her family's loss.
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I'm sorry to hear that Ray has passed, but knowing that he is out of pain and no longer suffering, helps make the loss a little easier to bare. Please pass on my condolences.
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Please tell meme that I hope her journey into healing begins soon. When my uncle passed away a few years ago he had been in so much pain that he told me that death was a relief. It took a long time to heal, and I still miss him to this day. Hugs and good thoughts to the family.
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My condolences, thoughts and prayers are going out to Meme and her family over the loss of Roy.
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Please tell Meme how very sorry I am to hear this. But he is in a better place, and free from pain. Please give Meme my condolences.
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Please tell Meme how sorry I am for her loss.

I am sure Roy is in a better place with less suffering. And that he still loves his family very much. Love can cross all kinds of barriers.
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Please let Meme know that I am so sorry for her loss. I also send my condolences to you because I know how hard it must be not to take her in your arms and comfort her.
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Well,since Barb is no longer a member of the site,she's asked me to thank the folks that have expressed sympathy. Roy was a member of the Civil Air Patrol and taught many youngsters. Several showed up at the funeral home today,having driven long distances just to say goodbye. He had a real big heart and helped freely. He loved flying and now he's got every flyer's dream...wings of gold. I really wish I could have known him. God Bless.
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Oh, Meme - Kitty give her a cyber hug for me.....
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I,m so sorry about Roy Kittyfoot, please tell Meme I,m thinking of her.
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