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Countertops and tables

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I have 2 kittens, 8 months old. They've always climbed on the counters and tables, and I never was successful in getting them to stop, so eventually I just gave up. But they do always want to eat my food while I'm preparing and cooking it (I don't let them, but it's annoying) and I wish they wouldn't climb on the counters and tables. Is this normal cat behavior, or did I do something wrong in the training process? I've had them since they were 8 weeks old. Is there anyhting I can still do to try to discourage this? Spraying the water bottle doesn't seem to help much, and even when I'm home, I'm not in the kitchen all the time to see what they're doing. Thanks.
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There are a few things you can do to try and discourage the kitties. However, cats will be cats, and they are quite willful .
You can block the counters with various objects (bottles, cans) to make it difficult for the cats to jump on the counters. You can make the surface unattractive to them (e.g. put alumiminum foil around - cats are supposed to be discouraged by the noise it makes). You can put double sided tape or Sticky Paws on the counters so the cats associate those surfaces with an unpleasant feel (then you can remove the tape and hope the cats remember the feeling from when the tape was there). Also, you can continue with the water spraying...it might still be useful if you are persistent.
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Give them an alternative place where they can jump up and exercise, a cat tree is ideal for this purpose. Also you can start cleaning your counters with a heavy lemon scented cleaner, cats will avoid anything citrus smelling. If you can't afford a cat tree, then in a room with some space, put some boxes of various sizes, up-ended and sideways that they can play on. Just make sure that the boxes are anchored down or kitty may get trapped inside of them.
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I made a compromise with my cats. They can go anywhere except the kitchen counter or table. They go there occassionally, but I just say no, and clap my hands and make them get down. I've heard of putting tinfoil or balloons on the surfaces you don't want them on while you're away. Some people also use a spray bottle to squirt them when they go in the wrong spots.

They'll still want to be able to get up high and observe, look out windows, and climb, so make sure they can findo other places for this.
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I don't want to spend too much money, but am open to suggestions of ones that have worked for you. Thanks!
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Do you have a Costco near you? (Or Sam's Club, Price Club). We found a great cat tree there, for really cheap. Sometimes they have them, sometimes not, you just have to keep checking. The ones I found elsewhere were really overpriced and not that great. Also, I compromise by letting my cats on the breakfast nook table, since we never ever eat there and it's right next to a window.
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Table tops and counter tops are absolute NO NO's in my house. Its disgusting in my opinion to have a cat with paws that go in the litter to then be walking on a surface where food is eaten and prepared. UGH!!!!!!!!!!
We were successful with training with the water bottle, and a lot of loud NO's! It can be done!
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