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Dude, I am so over the word dude. Like, dude, come on! I think dude should be taken out by a dude and his dude mate and shot. Geddit dude?
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LOL I'm almost crying! LOL! I'm laughing so hard (LOL) at all these replies! LOLOLOL!
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Like um that's totally tubular um like I love it um
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Like Oh my god I seen this cat and it was like Oh my god, so cute. It had like Oh my god, the fluffiest tale!
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So I am totally dating a "metro-sexual" who just broke up with a "j lo" look alike."S'over dude." I'm stoked.
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Dude, I'm stoked too. This is a waaay cool way for me to bump up my post number. Way fun thread too.
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i would jump in and take a shot at this game cause it looks like ya'll are having fun But i have no idea whats going on im so lost
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I am still laughing, even though I know what to expect.

I am sooo out of words though. It's like soooo hard to like, think, so I think I'm like so over this thread. Okay maybe not, but I sooo didn't expect it to turn out like this. So, who's trying next?
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Well, Ryan, this well is a well weird thread - you're well funny! Well, now that i've well read it, i'm well ready to give it a well good go! I well hope i'm doing well! Well, maybe!
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well I'm really like just soooooo amazed at how long this thread has gone on for - it's like just sooo totally cool! Way cool. I'm well impressed Ryan, this was a seriously good choice - really it was, just totally like major cool thing to start up - you keeping that blog btw? So seriously, someone should like sooooo start some sort of major thread about how seriously funny this dude is, it's obviously just such a HUGE hit, it's like the biggest since that way cool thread about uhm.... (help me I'm lost and I'm starting to sound like Alicia Silverstone)... oh yeah that was it, the biggest since that seriously well cool game thread about like posting a word and then something that was sooooo related to it or something. Word.
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Oh my you are all a bunch of freakin' freaks! I can't believe anyone could freakin' come up with a freaky idea like this on their freakin' own. Freaky! Though they do say if you know one freak you know all freaks and may even be a freak too! Freak Yeah!!
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I literally just saw this thread just now and literally could not believe it! I didn't know if I should take Ryan's instructions literally or what. It was literally a while before I got it, I mean, literally.
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You people are like mad!!! You like are so totally mad that it is like making me mad. You all are mad!!
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I mean seriously joe, look at your self joe, you brought up so many of the old threads joe that i didnt even know this one existed JOE youre so cool joe!

I spwy wit my wittle eye something that starts with MWAH! that wyan over uses JOE! can you think of waht the word is???
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My name is like totally Wesley fwan, i mean who could not like totally know that my name is Wesley... Gawd, my name is like Wesley!! Wesley!!!!!

I could like guess totally.... Is it like totally "Mwahahhahahahahah"?
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Ok, so I'm reading this thread and thinking, ok, so what has he come up with this time? So, ok, I see 'tenacity', and I think, ok, so who's gonna want to start with a word like that? Then, ok, I'm thinking this thread is already long, so, ok, I'm gonna have to read the whole thing, and ok, so by the time I get to a place to post, it's gonna be sooooo over, ok?
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OMG!!! Like, this thread is just totally wacked! Like, OMG, you are just ALL like, whacked. *shake of the head*
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ok i was like reading the thread and ok ill try it ok but not ok if im ok not doing it ok ok do you know what i mean ok ok this is weird ok i think ok i got it ok
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Ya, i got it. Ya, its not too difficult. Ya, i like this game. Ya, im named Wesley and ya i like talking like, ya know, ya, like that.
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