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seen any ghosts yet?

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Yes I did!

My Aunt's cat came to visit me last night at 2am! Read up on it in my thread in paws and reflect about the "Ghost tales" because I don't feel like reposting everything. Did anyone else get any spooky visitors last night or tonight?
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yes, I got a message from Sisi, Sasha's mama last night, when, for the third time in one day Saba managed to drag the satin heart sachet which is beside her photo in the upstairs den, to me in bed. Eric put it back, and three times she's brought it.

....and I saw Freddie in the backyard, but I always see him.
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Nope nope and nope!
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Our two older cats (one now a ghost herself I think) used to see spirits walking through the house. They would kinda freak out a little as they followed the ghost walking though the rooms, and stare up at what would be eye level.

These ghosts would always take the same exact path through the house, first coming down the stairway, passing through the living room, dining room, kitchen, and finally down the basement stairs.

I couldn't see anything. Only they could. One cat was better at it than the other. Once one followed the ghost, chattering (talking) to it, but was also scared almost to death by the experience.

It is one thing to know that our own human minds can trick us into believing in these things, but cats can't possibly believe in something as surreal as a spirit. They either really see something or they don't, and react accordingly, and honestly.
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