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Giselle and Isabelle

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Three years ago, we found Isabelle abandoned in a cardboard box in the middle of a parking lot. Gypsy, our longhaired tortoiseshell, immediately took a liking to her and pretty much took the role of her mother. Back when she was a kitten, Isabelle loved Gypsy.

Now, we have a new little kitten in the house - Giselle. She is totally infatuated with the big girls - and she seems to adore Isabelle. Whenever Isabelle is laying on the bed or the couch, the baby will try to jump up there to be with her. Once she sees her, she starts purring SO loud and will just curl herself right next to Isabelle. Izzy isn't always too happy with the baby, but she's tolerating her well.

It's odd, though - Isabelle used to be the kitten with the tortie "mama", and now she's the mom with her "own" tortie kitten. Also, in the last picture - you can see how Isabelle has no fur on her backside. She was diagnosed with pyscogenic allopatia two years ago, and despite our efforts we haven't been able to break her from the habit.

I hope I didn't photo overload this thread too much.
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What beautiful babies!
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Love the shot of the kitten asleep on Isabelle's back. These are some sweet shots.
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What sweet kitties! Seems like Izzy learned well from her foster-kitty-mom.
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Originally Posted by Myshee

I just love that face !
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Oh my goodness! what a gorgeous big sister she is
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aww that is so sweet! though, when the baby is sleeping on her, Isabelle seems to be saying "*sigh* would you do something about this? She is Seriously cramping my style."
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They're beautiful!
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Wow, what a mothering instinct. They look adorable together. How does Gypsy react to Giselle?
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AWWWWWW!!!!! They are sooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable I almost cried!!!TOooo cute thats all I can say.
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Very lovely girls -- all of them -- and sweet that they get along and take care of each other. Giselle is such a cutie!
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Originally Posted by danalee2682
What beautiful babies!
they are just wonderful shots & models - beautiful!
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Great pictures!!! They are beautiful!!!
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WOW!!! I am totally in heaven. Is this site EVER COOL and the stories and pics I see are Awesome! I love hearing rescue stories, they are the best.
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What a gorgeous family you have - the kitten is absolutely beautiful!
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Wow, thank you all!

Gypsy is tolerant of the kitten - they all are, really. But Giselle is really in love with Isabelle.

I was so upset when we took the kitten to the vet. I heard her crying in the backroom when they were doing blood tests and giving her vaccines. I felt like I was hurting her and I almost starting bawling - I'm attached to her. I was so worried about her feline leukemia test, but it came back negative and we're all really happy.
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Beautiful girls, all three!

There is a thread here in fur pictures for tortoiseshells...
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they are all gorgeous
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