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Oversized pix

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Would it be possible for the mods, instead of replacing oversized pix with the cute little snake, to turn the pix into a link instead? I believe all that would have to be done would be to paste [LINK][/LINK] over the [IMG][/IMG] tags.

It's sooooo disappointing to pull up a thread in anticipation of cute pix and instead have the little snake staring at me!
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It's not a bad idea, but in all honesty, the snake is an attempt at trying to get each member to be courteous and edit their photos before posting. Having it removed altogether forces you to act. Turning the picture into a link to the picture continues to make extra work for the moderating team.
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I bet in the long run it won't work 'cause you get new people in all the time who will be trying to put in pix and will STILL put in oversized pix. However, they'll know that they had them in there and will be wanting to know "Why is it a link? I know I had it showing up!" I'm sure somebody will answer them (us all being as chatty as we are.) I would be willing to bet people would still much rather see their pix up front rather than as a link and will be wanting to "fix" them if they continue to show up as links.

I tried "editing" a "post" (without posting it) turning a pic into a link. It's about as fast as changing the link into another one altogether which is what Snake Pliskin is about . IMO not really extra work at all. Just a slightly different technique.

Talking about image sizes, I'm about to get quite shirty with the admin of a private board I'm on (He's a relative, sort of ; my sister's husband's son by his first wife) about the size of the pix he's allowing. When I have to wait for a pic that's over a MEG to download with my broadband, it's a bit much!
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Most of my time spent on TCS is while i'm at work while all of you are still in bed, so it's easier for me to quickly replace any oversized pictures with "Hissing Sid".

Just so all members know, if they have any problems resizing their pics our Mentors will only be to happy to help should they be removed in the meantime
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