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Lets see your ghostly tales!!

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My Aunt's cat Kitty Baby was killed on the night of Halloween, this inspired me to write this short story. It isn't that great but good enough for me lol.

The Cat's Eyes

It had been two years since my beloved cat Kitty Baby was murdered on the night of Halloween. Though I had gotten over it since then, it still haunts me to this day. Also the reason why I no longer celebrate Halloween. I hang my head thinking of his beautiful golden yellow eyes, his soft, slick, short, black hair. His loving meow as he cuddled up against my baby sister Tammy. A tear streams down my face as I remember finding him hung up in a tree by his tail, with his head no longer attatched.
\t"Jackie are you okay?"
\t"Huh, yes..I'm fine."
My boyfriend Tim looked at me with concerned eyes, "Are you sure?"
\t"Yes, yes I'm fine. Just..take me home please."
We needed to get home anyway, I had to babysit Tammy, mom and dad were going to a party that night. Tim and I left the park and got into his red pick up truck, and he drove me home.
\t"Will I see you tomorrow?" He asked me, as I got out of the truck.
\t"Uhm, I don't know..I'll call you tonight." I responded.
\t"Alright, bye."
He then drove off as I walked to the house.
\tMom and Dad were ready to leave when I entered through the front door.
\t"The emergency numbers are by the phone as usual. If anything happens please call us immediatly." Mom said as she put on her leopard fur coat.
\t"Yes mom I know, you go and have fun." I told her as I hugged her.
\t"Alright sweetie, take care."
She then left the house. Yes! Finally some time to relax!
\tI looked around the house for a moment to find Tammy playing in her room as usual. So I decided to pop myself some popcorn and sit down watching a movie.
\tI couldn't seem to relax, which is odd for me, I kept thinking about the night of Kitty Baby's murder. I guess I hadn't gotten over it as well as I thought I did.
\tThen I heard a soft meow. I looked over my shoulder and nothing was there. I figured I was just hearing things so I looked back to the TV, to discover a snowy picture.
\t"Stupid satellite!!!" I growled.
I went outside and looked to the satellite sitting on the roof. Nothing seems to be wrong with it. That's strange. I thought to myself.
\tGoing back inside I find all the lights off. I went to the breaker box and it says the main is still all on. Okay something is seriously going on here. I think to myself.
\tThen I hear it, Tammy's horrifying scream!
Running up the stairs I shout to her, "Tammy!" I try to open her door but it is locked. I kick it with all my might until finally it breaks open. I'm too late, her window is wide open and she is nowhere in sight!
\tI run back out into the hall and look down the stairs to see a small shadowy figure, with golden yellow eyes. I rub my eyes and open them back up, it's gone. Remembering my mission I run down the stairs and out the front door to find someone dragging my 3 year old sister across the lawn!
\t"Tammy!" I scream as I run for her.
The man raises a gun in his right hand and points it at me. I stop in a panic as he fires. I feel a sudden sharp pain in my right shoulder and fall back, as the sky seems to be spinning. Staring straight up at the night sky, until I see two golden yellow eyes staring back down at me. In and out of consciousness I feel a sand-paper tongue licking my forehead. Then I hear, a cat's meow. The man screams, "Get it off me!!" I feel my sister rush over to my side and hold my head, I know it's her because I can hear her crying. I no longer hear the man.
\tAbout thirty minutes later I come back to reality, as I hear cop sirens going off. A police car pulls up in our driveway. I look over in my lawn, the man kidnapping my sister lays there with scratches all over his face, and the most shocking expression ever. I feel a sharp pain in my shoulder and realize everything was real, I was not dreaming. The cop comes over to me and says, "We got a call from the neighbor about hearing loud screaming."
\t"Yes officer that man was trying to kidnap my sister, and he shot me."
The officer then goes and picks the man up and puts him in cuffs, placing him in the back of his car.
\tI hear it again, a cat's meow. I look over to my bushes where it came from, and see the same golden yellow eyes. "It is you.." I whisper, as my black cat Kitty Baby, vanishes on the spot.
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you can post your faves :-)
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Here's my ghostly tail....

Oh, you meant ghostly "tale"!
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Originally Posted by gemlady
Here's my ghostly tail....

Oh, you meant ghostly "tale"!
teehee cute!!

Infact I'm gonna go see if my mom has an old pic of kitty baby so that i can show you guys.
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She says my grandma cook has some so I'll show them once I'm able to.

Anyway Joey got his nickname "Kitty Baby" from this same cat. Kitty Baby got his name because he came to my Aunt as a stray and everyone would just call him "kitty" well once someone in my family had a baby, Kitty was very protective of the baby. So they would say "Kitty Baby loves the baby!" and that's where he got his name. Well it's different for my Joey..for he is "kitty baby IS the baby" lol.

One halloween though my Aunt came home from Trick Or Treating......her cat hung up in a tree by his tail decapitated..along with many other cats..her dog Dixie dead by poison. This is why I panic whenever my cats escape on halloween.

I was inspired to write this story because of the tale of Kitty Baby, and because last night I had a visitor. Not only did I have one black cat in my room last night, I had two. For my Kitty Baby was laying next to me, and the Kitty Baby he was named after, stared at me with golden yellow eyes from across my room in the closet. I blinked once and he was gone. The time was 2am.
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