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Grrrrrrr banks!!!

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Goodness me!! I have been charged $100 in fees because my Mastercard is over its limit - and the only reason it's over it's limit is because of bank fees in the first place!!!!

So I'm having angry disputes with my bank wondering what on earth is going on!!

AND my telephone company has added a $377 bill to my last account and I have no idea what it's for. When I rang them, they have no idea what it is for either!

They promised me they wouldn't send any more accounts until it was sorted, and yesterday I got a disconnection notice because of it!!!!

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We had the same problem at work last week. The police show up at the door with the gas company to put a 'new' lock on our gas meter because seeminly it was disconnected in June and we took the lock off. I ask why it was supposedly disconnected in June (and why no one was given permission to enter our property and why it took them until October to notice that we were using gas and they were charging us and being paid for it)

I sent them copies of all our cancelled cheques which were dated well in advance of each bill. They admit it seems unlikely they would have disconnected service given the good standing of our account even if it did go a little late but every bill was paid on time.

Yet they still want us to pay a $1500 security deposit and reconnection fee because the computer doesn't realise that its a mistake and they won't put it back on unless we do!

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I hear ya!!!! Banks SUCK!!!
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I know its frustrating. I wish I owned my OWN bank then we wouldn't ahve these problems
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I understand that totally-I am having problems with my bank lately too- I always get so frusterated!!

Sending you "good bank vibes"!!
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Well as part of my severance pkg I continue my health benefits paying the same monthly premium as I do know. But yesterday in the mail I received notice of continuation from COBRA at $786.42/month!!!! Got it straightened out on the phone today as severance ppwk was processed late-I don't know why it was completed early!! But I still haven't received my billing for the lower premium yet so today I sure hope I'm covered!!

About the M/C fees if you have had the card for a while-call as ask for a supervisor to waive those fees for being a long standing customer-its worth a shot!!
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Well, I just got a call from my bank and they are going to refund all the fees I was charged - about $100 worth!!! Yay yay I am thrilled, no more complaints from me....lol
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