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Sneezy, Wheezy Kitten! Please help!

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Hi Everyone,

I am in the process of adopting a kitten from the shelter. However, she is soooo sneezey! All day longs she sneezes and sprays kitty snot all over me. Plus, she is now sounding very wheezey - when she sleeps she uses her mouth to breathe and it's creating this squeaking sound. The shelter gave me Clavimox and she was on it for about 2 weeks and that made it a little better, but she isn't completely better. When I called them they said that maybe it was allergies to litter, but we have changed it out and so I know it's not that. Is it possible that she will get better on her own, or should I insist that they give me more medicine. She is eating fine and gaining weight at a normal rate. She is about 2.5 pounds right now, and I am concerned. Thoughts???

Thanks in advance!
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Sounds like a Upper Respitory Infection. I just adopted a kitten from a shelter and she got a URI. The Clavamox will help with any bacterial infection that may try to infect your kitty, but if it is a URI, it won't help with the infection itself because its viral. My baby was on (and still is) Clavamox but she was having trouble breathing so they had to put her on sudafed for cats. That helped with the breathing.
Has your little one been to a vet yet? If not, she needs to go see one as soon as possible. The can diagnose for certian and put her on, or keep her on, more meds. URI's are like "kitty colds", but they can get pretty serious. Please take her to a vet asap. Good luck!
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I agree, take her to the vet before it gets any worse.
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