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FINALLY employed!!!!

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Well, it's been just over a whole year since I was last employed. There just isn't much to offer in this small town of mine.
I am SO fortunate to have such good friends! My friend Joe went in and spoke to his old boss and got me a job interview with the local artsy coffee shop!!! Today was my first day and boy oh boy it felt good to get up to go to something this morning This job is going to be great too, the ladies are so nice and everyone are really easy going. It may be partime, but it's like a breath of fresh air.
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THAT'S GREAT!!! Now, can you find me a job???
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Congratulations!! I am very happy for you!

Enjoy the new job!!
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Congratulations, Jess! That is great news! I know exactly where you're working, so I'll be sure to stop in next time I'm up north!
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Good going!! Congrats!
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YAY!!! Congratulations! That is fantastic news!
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Congratulations! It sounds like a fun place to work! Just think of all the different people you'll meet! I hope that in-between the rush times, you'll get a chance to become acquainted with the clientele. when I was able to wait tables, I'd do my best to get to know my guests, because every life does have a story! Looking back, I realized that doing that was like buying a magazine & really reading the articles instead of just looking at the ads! Boy, I sure miss my old job (career)
Please keep us posted on what it's like to work there!
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Hopefully it's a trend!! (still unemployed here)
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Congratulations! I desperately need a job!!
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Thanks everyone for your support I just know that I'll meet all kinds of interesting people, and it doesn't hurt that I already know half the clientelle.
Jen, I'm looking forward to your stopping in, it sure will be neat to meet
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