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Hi everybody!

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I'm a new suscriber, but I have to admit that I have been reading this forum for a while now and love it. I have already learned so much about cats. I am a first time cat owner, but my babies are already two years old. My husband has had cats all his life.

My husband and I have two kitty babies, Trent and Ophelia.

Ophelia came into our lives when she was stuck in the walls in between our apartment and our neighbors. We could hear a very distressed kitten but couldn't find her outside. We ended up punching a hole in the wall to get her out! I bribed her in with a little tuna and instantly fell in love with her. She was probably not more than 6 weeks old, and so scared. It took months (and seeing Trent really enjoy getting lovings) before she would let me even touch her. She has really become a very loving little girl, though b**chy at times, but she is still very skittery and shy. She is black and white, and her cutest feature is the black mark on her chin in the shape of a heart (underside of the chin with the point at her mouth).

Trent had a much more normal beginning with us. We thought that Ophelia had found a way out (she actually just found a really good hiding spot to sleep). We went to the mall to take our minds off of it, and ended up at the pet store. Trent saw us and immediately decided that we were his people. He even just layed in my husband's arms and purred the first time he held him. When we looked at another kitten, he played just as hard as he could and kept looking to make sure we were watching. When we took him home, he meowed and Ophelia popped her little head out and that's how they met. They have been friends and playmates since, even though she does get annoyed with him sometimes. Trent is a black, semi-long haired cat, who is neutered. He always has to be the center of attention and loves snuggling and loving.

A couple of quick questions: Ophelia didn't start going into heat until she was about 1-1/2 years old. I know that she had a traumatic beginning, she was stuck in the wall for at least 8 hours from when I heard her and that was about 10:00 at night. Is this something we should be concerned with?

Also, Trent gets hairballs a lot, and throws up about 1-2 times a week. I know that hairballs and some barfing is normal, and I know that sometimes he just eats too fast. But is this excessive?

Thanks for all your help in advance, as I know I will have more questions, in other forums, in the future. (Sorry this got so long!)
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welcome -welcome, You'll love it here. :daisy: :rainbow: :kitty5: :baloon:

going into heat is genetice just as it is in humans. Some start very early and some take their
time. I would not worry and I do hope you had her spayed - that is very important, especially with a male in the house.

Hair balls - have you tried hair ball food - that should assist him with passing his hair. Brushing reduces the amount of hair swallowed and pet grass helps with the tummy. If he regurgitates because he eats too much too fast you might want to try putting his dry into a shallow square or rectangular dish which are not condusive to shoveling. I did that with my Moms piper who is a major shovler and it's working out great.

Again welcome and plenty of hugs and kisses to your furbabies
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Can't advise on the in heat issue as all my cats are fixed. About the hair ball issue - my cats constantly have that problem, especially with changes in weather. Brushing is the best thing plus a product called Petromalt. It works wonders and 3 out of 5 of the cats think it is a treat to eat. the others can't stand it.
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Thanks for the advice! We did try one kind of hairball food (Eukanuba) and both cats HATED it (we free feed, so I have to find something OK for both cats)! We do give Trent the Hairball Remedy goop. He liked it until he figured out he has to have it, so now he tries to shake it off the paw. We have gotten the Purina Hairball treats, which both cats LOVE. I will definitely keep trying different things with Trent and see what works. I just get worried that he oop's (what we call his messes) too much.

We haven't gotten Ophelia spayed yet, but Trent got fixed at 6 mos. so we won't have any babies. He just thinks that she wants to play when she goes into heat and gets really confused. I am planning on getting her spayed soon, but have some concerns which I will ask about in the Health forum.
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Another Coloradan!!! Hi!! I'm on the 'other' side of the mountains over by Aspen! I thought I had better run in here and say hello since we're basically neighbors and all...
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Hello Valanhb!

Petromalt is a nummy supplement, I gave Spike an inch about twice a week, and it all but eliminated the barfing rituals. (you know it well, the *hork* *hork* *hork* *hork* *baaaaarrrrf*, not on the bare wood floor, but on the jute rug that is impossible to clean)

But it sounds like this is already what you are giving your guy.
As for the heats--Ophelia has started now, so there isn't anything to worry about on that end, unless she is in heat ALL The time. Since cats are induced ovulators, they will come in heat more often when there is no male around to mate with (the act of mating actually makes them ovulate). Trent, even though he is fixed, can still mate with her and cause her to ovulate, and that may cause other hormone-related problems...so I'd keep them separated when she is in heat, at least when you are not there to supervise.
Hugs to your kids.
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Hi and welcome Valanhb! Its nice to see a new face around here! I'm sure you'll love it here. Hugs to your furbabies.
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