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Don't Laugh (well, not too hard!)

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Heh heh, many people can't believe I wash my cats all the time. Poppy every week, Spidey every other. They don't even have to be held or anything, and Poppy actually purrs like crazy.

Here's Spidey, having a little playtime while he soaks..

Poppy, wondering why I'm not massaging her anymore...

Rubber ducky enjoying the waterfall...he looks so happy for an inanimate object!
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Wow! How did you ever get them so comfortable in the bath? Mine are ferals so I don't even attemp to bath them. They would cut me to ribbons.

those pics are precious!
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Spidey is a feral, and Poppy was abused. It took me a couple years before I could even pick Poppy up. Spidey, well, he was 5 weeks when I got him, and I started bathing him right away. With Poppy, I think she likes the attention.
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Wow, that's amazing! I'd never attempt to do Muffy, and Puffy is a chore (he has long hair so he gets washed every now and then).
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I got my ferals at 4 months old. It took 3 months before they stopped hiding and would come out and be around us. I've had them a year now and they are much better, but I can't pick them up, and they get easily spooked. I don't think I could get them in a dry bathtub, let alone what you've accomplished!

How old were they when you start bathing them?
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Spidey was about 5 weeks, but Poppy was about 2 1/2. I don't know her real age, she was abandoned with pneumonia and very very pregnant. I think they like the warmth and attention. They really don't seem to mind, although they won't let me blow dry them! That sure was funny, when I tried that! Spidey jumped back up in the air about a foot!

I'm lucky I got Spidey so young. He's really adapted very well. He was so young that rather than being scared, he was really clingy. He's hang on you with his claws and always needed to be on you. He still gets upset when he loses me in the house and will call for me. When I answer, he runs to me and is soo thrilled! You just can't beat that kinda love!

Spidey loves the bathtub, even when we take baths or showers (us humans) he loves to watch and play with water drips or the duck.
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Hahahahahaha!!!! Whoops, I forgot we were supposed to not laugh!!!!!
Those pictures are soooo cute! Spidey looks like he's having a lot of fun with his rubber ducky!

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Oh those pictures are SO cute!!!!! That is great that they enjoy there bath time so much, and the ducky too!
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that is unbelievable... when i've attempted to bathe my cats in the past i came out of it
just as wet as them, and my arms were clawed and bleeding, and my cats didnt talk to
me for a week

i havent bathed them in a long time...
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Are you people INSANE! Bathing my cats? I would have to have a death wish! They are very good at grooming themselves & I brush them alot.
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Actually, mine really don't mind. I don't even have to hold them. I go through soooo many towels though, and lots of water! I fill up the tub twice for each of them (2 cats)! But they're so clean and fluffy and good smelling when I'm done! My boyfriend has allergies and it helps.
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Awww! They look so cute! I wish my kitties would let me bathe them.
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