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new kitten question

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i got my kallie 2 days ago and she does not like being alone if i move to another area of the room she follows me like if im on the bed she will lay by my head and sleep and then ig i get up and go to the computer she wakes up and follows me and lays on my shoulder or in front of the keyboard she follows me every where i go is this normal i have owned cats before and none have ever done this
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How old is your new cat? Is it a kitten? All cats are different and sounds like this is the normal for your new addition. Shes in a new enviroment. And she probably is feeling safe by having you near by. Who knows maybe she just likes you!
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shes 15 weeks
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My first cat was like that - and still is to an extent. I think she just likes you and feels safe being around you.
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It does sound like she just wants to be by her new Mom... I wouldn't worry, in fact, enjoy it while it lasts! When she gets older she may well get more independent and then you'll want her to be by you. That happened with one of my first cats actually. Of course, now that she is now a geriatricat, she just loves the chance to be my "cat hat" on the pillow, especially if the other two are around. heh heh
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Mine does that too, she's 8 months old now and still follows me everywhere, even when I'm in the bath ! It's wierd cos it's only me that she follows ! I think some cats just enjoy the company. or maybe they like people watching
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Yes, enjoy this darlin's affection while it lasts -- it may all be over in a matter of weeks.

On the other hand, my Pearl came to me just over a year ago, and she's now almost a year-and-a-half old, but she still lavishes this kind of affection on me every waking moment. She's a treasure! And it sounds like your baby is, too.
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Yes! It's normal, or at least in Luna's case it is. She was to the point she didn't like me being asleep!
Your kitten may or may not grow out of it. Where ever you got her at if she picked you instead of you picking her, you have a lifetime buddy and shadow. That's what happened with Patches. She picked my BF and 10 years later she still can't stand having a closed door between them.
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My two follow me around as well. They're not really lap cats, but they like being in the same room as me, and if I'm on the computer Alfie has to sit on my lap
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