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I just adopted !

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Hey guys, what's up?

I just adopted a 1 month old kitten! The co-founder of BETA, Beirut For Ethical Treatment of Animals, is working closely with me to re-vitalize an inactive Animal Welfare club in my University... Anyway this young lady gave me the kitten, she has her own little feline shelter that she pays for from her own pocket. The rent, the food.. the litter... everything! She found this kitten abanonded by its Mother a month ago in a garden in my Uni' and she's been taken care of her every since then! sleepless nights sure, but the kitten has survived! Anyway, we've taken every pre-caution possible.. she's healthy, she has no fleas... she's be given her first dose of de-worming medication and soon we'll give her her first set of vaccination shots... plus she's eaten solid dry food hand picked by the Vet him self... especailly made for baby kittens.. the product is Royal Canin!

As soon as I can, i'll post pictures ! but she's accepted me so quickly! Such a playful little kitty....

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congrats can't wait to see the pics!!!
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What a lucky kitty! Congrats to both of you!
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Congrats on your new baby! You are a good person to take over the care of such a tiny baby! I'm looking forward to her pictures!
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Yay! And congrats! I'm looking forward to those pics too. And lots of kudos on the fantastic work you are doing.
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Hey guys, a little update!

So today's her first morning with me, and thankfully to GOD she's ok!

She ate and drank! She's been so active and playful it's crazy... I guess exactly what a little kitten is meant to do, ahah and she barely let me sleep last night but it was so cute lol. She's very fun to be around. Her stool is perfectly fine so we're good in that area. I can't wait to get some pictures up! Aah man, she's just a baby
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