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I really enjoy the information and stories on the site and I thought it was time I introduced myself.

My name is safron and I live in Colorado with my 2 cats, dog and canary. Lucy is a 7year old gray persian mix. Cosmo is almost a year old and he is a brown tabby. Both of our cats came from the spca.

At the moment I keep them separated because Cosmo bites Lucy. I am moving to Phoenix in about a month and I am hoping that in a new place the re-introductions might go more smoothly.

The vet recommended sedating the cats for the move. Imagine driving a car w/2 cats, a dog, and a canary...it should be interesting.
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Hi and welcome. Good luck with the move. I have trouble getting on of my cats to the vet, much less across several states.
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Hi Safron!!
Welcome to the Cat Site!!
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Welcome to the site & good luck with your move. Hope to see you posting often!
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