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cats vs. men

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Three reasons that cats are better than men: they don't snore, they don't steal the covers and they don't leave the toilet seat UP!
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I don't know - in my house they do steal the covers & they do snore!:tounge2:
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I've been trained quite well, thank you..

I never leave the seat up...
I don't snore... and very rarely steal the blankets...

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Sorry, guys, my soon-to-be-ex is being a jerk and I'm venting. Actually, "My Man, Bill", rarely, leaves the seat up and NEVER steals the covers. Also, with my crazy work schedule, he cooks, does laundry AND rubs my feet! This is a keeper! Along with everything else, he got Opie, for me because I miss the cats that I lost, due to the jerk. Bill, really, wants me to be happy. He isn't, even, complaining about the purple drapes, sofa and shower curtain. (Its MY favorite color). Mea culpa.
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They may not steal the covers, but they sure do hog the bed
Not to mention immobilize you for hours because they must be comfortable, no matter how inconvenient for you.
I still love my kitties, and there are times when I would rather be around them than people
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Both my cats and husband snore and steal the covers, but thankfully, with space heaters like them, I don't really need the covers. :laughing:

My guy's great about the toilet seat but (pardon the TMI), the past few days, I've been getting a wet butt almost every time I sit down. I was about to confront him, until one day I noticed my younger cat, Gypsy, running out of the bathroom as I was going in. Turns out the little pipsqueak has been playing with the water and getting the seat all wet. :tounge2:

Now the lid stays down, too.
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Both my hubby and kitties snore, but I have to admit that my hubby steals the covers and leaves the toilet seat up.
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Its been a long time since I've slept with a man. But I like to add
cats will stay with you until they die. They don't say 'oh, you are soooo fat!
But he does snore. He dosen't steal the blankets because he rather sleeps on my face! He greets me at the door and he likes to be treated like a baby. Cats never tell your secrets to anyone!
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