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Hernia operation wound

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Max and Alfie both had their hernias fixed last week along with being neutered. Max had a complication reagrding a retained testicle & lack of muscle growth over his chest & abdomen and therefore had a larger operation. I was given antibiotics for him which he ate perfectly bless his little furry paws

The problem is Alfie. Whereas Max's wound is flat, there is a lump under Alfies, looks like a hernia and feels almost like a pocket of air (like the hernia did) although I'm guessing it could be an infection as I wasn't given any antibiotics for him. He's running around normally, eating, drinking, using the litter tray etc

I have a vet appointment for tonight, but just wondered if anyone had any thoughts in the meantime. Thanks
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An infection is unlikely if he is acting normally. My suspicion would be that the sutures in the muscle layer dehisced (came apart). It sucks because he'd need more surgery if that is the case but he should be just fine.

I'm in the same situation with one of my cats, except that she had her hernia repaired two years ago. But the area always felt lumpy and I had a feeling it would herniate again. It finally did so she is going to have another operation that will hopefully fix it for good!
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