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Im a lucky Rocky Horror fan!

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Last weekend, I was in Hamilton (gosh I love that city, its so beautiful, I wanna live there!) for the Rocky Horror stage show and I met the lovely Richard OBrien who wrote it and acted as Riff Raff in it. He was such a nice, polite man, it was rather surprising. He was there because he thought up the ideas of the Rocky Horror in Hamilton while working at the Embassy Theatre and cutting peoples hair as a barber and going to the Late Night Double Feature Picture Show. Yep, thats where the song came from.
Then we got invited to the afterparty and I ate too much food there. Figures. Whenever theres free food, I eat too much of it.

But all in all, it was so nice to meet the man who made the greatest cult movies of all time possible (in my opinion anyway!) It was just even better knowing that he really is so nice. I got my 25th Anniversary DVD autographed by him so it was great.

There is a Riff Raff statue erected in downtown Hamilton, where the Embassy theatre once stood and it looks really good! When I get irfanview downloaded on this computer I will resize the pics and get it all posted here. Now all i gotta do is meet Tim Curry and my life is complete
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That's SO cool Kellye!! You must be rapt!

I love that movie....seen it a hundred times at least!
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I'm in awe, Kellye! Oh, what I would give to have been there!
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That's so great, Kellye! It must have been such a fantastic surprise!
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Thats sounds like a blast Rocky Horror stage! how lucky you are glad you had a good time
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I love Rocky Horror, great fun! I remember when I was about 14 the film was on tv and I remarked to my Nan how good it was, next thing I know she'd booked us front row tickets to see the live show and she didn't have a clue what it was about! When I told her a bit more detail she promptly got a refund
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Sounds fantastic! Lucky you!
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About a year ago I had the very distinct pleasure of attending the Chicago cast party for Spamalot--a good friend of mine is a chorus member in the show.
I got to sit at a table with Tim Curry for about 2 hours, have drinks and chat!
He is a delightful, kind, and genuinely charming man!
I'm sure if you met him you would feel the same way--he's just such a doll!
I also got to meet and spend some time with Hank Azaria and David Hyde Pierce who are both also great guys, so nice, no egos.
Enough name dropping from me, LOL.
Sounds like you had a ton of fun!
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Wow nice one! Didn't know that was written by a kiwi! Sounds like fun.
That Spamalot party would've been fantastic too!
I could never go to one of those 'cos I'm way too shy. I can't imagine meeting someone famous and still be able to string together a coherent sentence.
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I'm a big Rocky Horror fan. I've met Tim Curry (Frank N. Furter) a few times. In real life, he's SO VERY different than the character he played in the movie and on stage. He's very quiet, kind of shy and reserved. Not outrageous at all.

I also once went to a Rocky Horror Convention in New York, and they had just about everyone that was in the movie there, for a cool question and answer session. I think the only person that wasn't there was Barry Bostwick who plays Brad.
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went to a rocky horror show years ago,saw everyone all dressed up,was brilliant,i was up n dancing in the isles
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Oh those who met Tim Curry - I hate you! LOL! Naw seriously, you are so lucky! I really would love to meet him. I have heard all that about him being really nice and shy and reserved but still a charmer.

pushylady, Richard is not technically a kiwi, he was born in England and moved to NZ in 1957 where he spent a while before going back.

Okay, heres me in the blue, yes I am that short, standing next to Richard and the other girl is my longtime friend Kate.

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Originally Posted by HopeHacker
I'm a big Rocky Horror fan. I've met Tim Curry (Frank N. Furter) a few times. In real life, he's SO VERY different than the character he played in the movie and on stage. He's very quiet, kind of shy and reserved. Not outrageous at all.
Tim Curry has an OUTRAGEOUS sense of humor in person! My fiance gets to attend some of the functions in NY and we sat at a table next to TC's. He had both tables in stitches.
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Color me jealous Kellye! What a wonderful Halloween treat for you!
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Well, my experience of him was that of a reserved, shy person, but nice. It's also been a while since I've had the pleasure of being in his presence. I do remember talking on the telephone with him a few times, and he would always say, "God Bless", at the end of the conversation. I don't know if that's a British way of ending a telephone conversation, but I always found it rather touching, and sweet.
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Have you heard the Original Roxy Cast recording of the Rocky Horror Picture Show? I love that interpretation of the music-the way they sing the music in some of the numbers is so different from the 'film version' of it. Anyway, that's cool you got to meet the original writer/actor of that cult classic. I'll have to get to the theatres to see it too.
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Kellye, I'm glad someone likes Hamilton - because to me that city is the PITS!

Glad you had fun!
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