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Info on Frontline

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I found out my cat had fleas so i went and purchased frontline. I applied it according to the directions. I wanted to know whether or not this has any side effects? does it really work? what if they lick that area..is it dangeorus? just some information. Thanks!
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If they lick it they will get a really nasty taste in their mouths!! This stops them from trying to lick it off. As far as I know it doesn't have any side effects, but read the package insert just to be sure.

It seems to work pretty well - I haven't had any troubles with it!
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thanks! ya he tried to lick it and made this face like he hated the taste...hasnt licket it yet. Package said might cause irriation ...so hopefully it doesnt. First time experiencing with fleas so i didnt really know what to expect with this treatment.
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I used frontline on my cats (am now using revolution) and it worked fine. It should be applied between their shoulderblades so they can't get to it to lick it off. Also, you shouldn't bathe them after application. Fleas should jump off of him within (i think) 12 hours. Unfortunately, they might jump off him and into your carpet so you should probably de-flea your house also.
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So it would be rather pointless de-fleaing your house before the 12 hour period?
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From what I remember, frontline will get 99% of fleas off your cat within 12 hours. When I first got my kitten, he was absolutely infested. I locked him in the bathroom (put towels in the cracks under the doors) for the requisite 12 hours. When I opened the door, the fleas were just falling off him, they were crawling all over the bathroom floor and the makeshift bed I had made him. I ended up just throwing out the bed (it was so disgusting) and cleaning up the bathroom the best I could. for some reason, i thought this process would be like those raid commercials, where *poof* the bugs just disappear. unfortunately not the case. after this, he was flea free, but of course, some of them had managed to get into my carpet and were biting me. I sprinkled borox all over my carpet and vaccumed like a crazy person. I haven't been bitten since so I think they're all outta here, but dealing with those fleas was AWFUL. Both my cats are indoor and get their monthly revolution now so no problems since that nightmare.
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I use frontline on my 5 cats and all have reacted well to it and no more fleas. As far as i know it gets into the blood stream and kills any flea that bites your cat.

If you cat has any serious illness, you should get a vets advice before giving frontline, or any similiar type of flea treatment. I once gave this to my previous cat who had an overactive thyroid gland and it caused him to have fits.
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I've just frontlined my cats for the first time (a couple of weeks ago). It made one of my cats really itchy but she was fine after a few hours (it mentioned the itching on the leaflet)

One thing my vet warmed me about was if the cat licks it, it can cause foaming at the mouth. This is also completely normal and will not harm the cat. My cats both licked it but there was no foaming !

One problem I'm having though is that it takes 24 hours to kill the flea after it has jumped on the cat. So, even though the initial fleas died, we do still see the odd flea on them as it takes so long to kill them
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We use Frontline as well and apply it behind the head between the shoulder blades so they can't lick it and do it just before bedtime then separate the cats for the night - Bijou in our room and Mika with our daughter so they can't lick each other. By morning it has dried in.
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