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sorry I'm starting so many threads, I'm just having some trouble with one of my cats lately.

I think tom is a bit constipated. Any ideas how I can help him at home?

I would prefer if there was a way I could help him at home before taking him to the vet because he had a pretty difficult time at the vet for 3 days. I want him as calm and stress free as possible right now.

He was eating dry hills w/d which had given him constipation.. last thursday he went to the vet and they gave him royal canine [dry too] while he was there [for 3 days]. Since saturday night I have been giving him friskies canned food.

Yes, its been a big change of diet, but hills had given him so much problem I had hopes friskies would help him.. but so far I notice he tries to poo but nothing happens. Like he's pushing and then he gives up...

I'm encouraging him to drink water because the last time he was constipated he was severely dehydrated too, and so far its been working well. But I don't know how to make him "go".. or is it impossible for me to help him without taking him to the vet?

I just want to give him a break...
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The SEARCH is`nt working right now because of the upgrading...but i`m pretty sure someone said that a little canned pumpkin (Plain, without sugar or spices) could help.....but I`m not positive....nor do I know how much...so you might want to start a thread that says something like "Pumpkin to help contipation???" if you don`t get any responses soon.
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I remember being told about the pumpkin too.
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i heard maybe butter or like vegestable oil
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do the canned pumpkin. I put about a heaping teaspoonful in each meal. It really, really helped Tola go. It took about 2.5 days, and then it finally started working.
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Slippery Elm Bark is also good for constipation. You should be able to buy some Katalax from your vets too. Hope he has a bowl movement soon as he must be feeling very incomfortable, poor thing.
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Canned pumpkin does the trick. Like stampit3d said, no spices, just plain 100% pumpkin. I bought an extra ice cube tray and filled it with the pumpkin so that I could just defrost the amount I needed. Also, you might try Petromalt, Laxatone or any other OTC hairball remedy.
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