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Shampoo/ what kind?

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I'm going to try my first cat show next weekend. I need to bathe my NFC by Tue. What is the best shampoo? I figure I'll just use whatever I can find this first time, but if there is a better brand, I'd like to look for it at the show. There is a petco in the area, that probably has some suitable shampoo for this first trial and error.
My cat doesn't seem to have what people call a stud tail. At least I don't see any real greasy area. His coat looks to be in perfect condition to me, I don't really want to ruin it with some shampoo. Probably will just try canine shampoo on his underside, to fluff it up a bit, and make sure fur is nice and clean around ears & tail. Does anyone ever use conditioner on a cat? I've got some #1 all systems conditioner for dogs, but am afraid it would flatten a cats fur, and I'd rather give it some body.
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LIL' trick for show cats. Go to the store and buy Dawn dishwashing liquid. Mix about 1 TBL in a LARGE cup of water and use this as the shampoo. It takes out the greasy feel judges don't like and doesn't dry them out. just make sure and rinse them until they squeek.
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Hi Bluekat. . .have fun at the show. . .I think I have read that kitties shouldn't use dog shampoo. I don't know if this is only with regards to medicated (flea) shampoo or all shampoos, but I thought I would mention it.

What does NFC stand for? Norweigian Forest?
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Yes, Norwegian Forest Cat. I've had 3 people tell me about dawn dishwashing liquid. Just as many say it's too hash, etc. etc. The NFC is suppose to have some oil in it's outer coat, so several people have said not to wash their back.
I use Dawn, it's sitting on the sink. Suspect I won't do much searching for the *proper* cat shampoo. I'm going to try it, like Sandi says, and rinse vary well. Trying not to get too much on the back.
Another thing, I see people saying they blowdry their cats. The breeder of my NFC, told me that was a good way to get bitten, and suggested a fan, in front of a space heater, directed at the cat in a small cage or crate. I'm going to try turning my superduck on, then pick the cat up, and sit in front of it. My spouse says he's going to watch.
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If I ever tried to give Jake a bath..... I would be typing w/my nose...:tounge2: Jinx, on the other hand, sits on the shower and watches me (kinda unnerving....:tounge2: )
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The cat got his bath. Even used the blow dryer, and did not get bitten. I also survived my first cat show. Even managed one winner's ribbon. Next time, I'll take more than one cat.
I was disappointed that there was only one vendor at the show. I was hoping to find some grooming products.
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Go to www.jefferspet.com and request a catalog. I got one in the mail this weekend, and was utterly astounded by the huge selection of shampoos, condtioners, brushes, clippers, razors, combs, etc. they had. I don't think I ever realized what big business pet grooming is!
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I bought some Bio-groom extra body, and used for second show. I took 2 cats, and came home with 2 Champions. 1 male NFC and 1 male Ragdoll. That was rather nice.
The first bath a month again, with dawn dishwashing liq. followed by a splash of pert-plus for fine hair, did a much nicer job than the Bio-groom.
The Bio-groom left a conditioned slick feel, that I did not like. I had rinsed vary well. The Dawn, and Pert-plus for fine hair, left the fur feeling nice, squeaky clean, & fluffy.
Prior to obtaining registared cats, several breeder's had told me it was vary difficult or impossible to show an intact male. They tried to force me to buy an alter, as that was what they said I had to start on.
I'm happy to say those breeder's were wrong. My Ragdoll was perfect at the show, about a yr. old, first show. Slightly uneasy in first judges box, but laid out and easy going the rest of the show. The NFC is on alert, and I do sweet talk him. He's over a year old, and allowed every judge to examine him with no problems.
The only thing you need to do to show, is live through a cat bath, and nail clipping. And of course have you cat socialized to people so it does not feel inclined to make the judge bleed. I did see a few badly behaving cats. I don't think it matters if they are alter's or not. What matters is how you care for & socialize your cat.
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