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I've always had average run-of-the-mill cats until I was given my first Siamese from a friend. After she passed I went back to give-away kitties that needed homes.

But my dream was always to have a Lilac-point Siamese and when we lost our beloved Simba as I was looking at the ads in the paper I saw my dream cat taking shape. I asked my hubby if we could go look - over a 2 hour drive on a Sunday night - and he said YES. The rest is history. We got our beloved Bijou and several months later our daughter went to the same lady and got Mika who is a full sister to Bijou but from a later litter. My husband who has never been a Siamese fan is now a total convert and adores (and I don't mean that lightly) both kitties.

So the answer is - I have my dream cat and I couldn't be happier. I highly doubt if I would get another pedigree cat but I'm thrilled with these two.
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Nice to see the variety of responses. If I could truly wish for any cat, I would want Jill. Shes a domestic shorthair moggy, orange girl who I fostered for a while. She was semi-feral, but tamed up pretty nice. She ended up adopted by someone, and within days escaped outside.

If Jill came home I would keep her forever and it would heal a hole in my heart.

But I do think the himmies are gorgeous.
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Haven't posted much still trying to get the hang of the boards. I have had DSh, DLH, Tonkanese,Siamese, Burmese, Persian. And loved them all. But some day I would love to have a Singapura. I keep getting strays and dumped kittens. Don't know if I will every buy a cat again but a Singapura would be the top of my list.
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