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Sudden change in behavior in senior cat.

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Hey all.. I'm new here so bear with me as I babble on. Thanks!

I have five cats. Two girls and three boys. All are fixed except Muffin, the one I am writing about. Misty is the dom. cat in the house and the boys just pretty much stick together. Muffin and misty do NOT like each other, well Muffin hates all other cats. They are both the same age though which is 9 almost 10 next year.

Muffin lived at my grandmothers for years and did not receive a lot of attention while there. When she came to live with me she preferred to stay in the upstairs bathroom, by herself. So I let her be in there where she could be content and calm. All that changed recently.. First she came out more and would sleep atop the bookcase in the living room. So that was fine, but she doesn't get along with all the others and would growl at them if they came near, and the boys chased her along with MIsty several times, so she doesnt like them even more now.

Well.... The past two days, she has not been on top the bookcase, she has been by my side 24/7. If I sleep, she is with me, if I eat, she is with me, if I get up to go to the bathroom she runs behind me. Which is fine I suppose because I love her dearly. BUT... She is showing extreme agression towards the other cats. I mean like flat out chasing them and beating them up when they are NO where near her like they are laying on the other side of the room.

She used to get upset and swat and growl when they came near her but the past two days she has done nothing but go and ATTACK them when she sees them and then run back to me. She will not leave my side. She's in my lap now and that's so odd for me bcause she's never been a lovey dovey kind of cat...

I don't know if it's something with age, or what is going on here. I attempted to contact my vet yesterday but never got a call back. I've talked to her about Muffin before and she understands Muffin is not your average cat. She doesn't handle change, or anything like that. But now she's doing all the changing?

Dont get me wrong, it's sweet and amzing and great that she wants to be by my side and is purring and seems happy. But its the aggression towards the other four, whom she won't even let near me. I don't know if maybe something is wrong with her, she's hurting and wants to just be near me? Or what? I have no idea. She doesnt appear to be ill in any sort of way. She seems to hear and see fine... I am at a loss for words. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas or had maybe experieinced this before? Also if she is not right by my side or on top me she is meowing like crazy! She will not stop. As soon as she's in my lap or on me she's fine.... Licking me purring.. It's so weird.. I've had quite a few cats in my life but I've never experieced this... please help!!! My other cats can barely get petted or looked at it seems!I tell her NO when she runs and attacks but I dont know what the problem is so I dont know how to fix it???

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I think taking her to a vet would be the best course of action, so you'll probably have to call your vet back again until you can get an appointment. Also, you really should get her spayed as soon as possible, as it exposes her to many unnecessary health risks, like pyometra.

After we rule out health problems, the wonderful people here can give you better advice on how to work with her behavior. As a starter though, how long has she lived with you, and how was she introduced to the other kitties?

Best of luck, hope she comes out with a clean bill of health!
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Oh she has lived with me for about 2 years now. She was at my grandmother's for most of her life, but there were other cats there, just not for years... When I brought her here she was confined to one room then slowly introduced to the other cats but she wants nothing to do with any of them. Especially lately!
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Vet ASAP ////
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Okay, I wasn't sure if this was a new cat sort of problem, or something different. I definately recommend you keep trying at the vet's then, or find another vet to go to. It sounds like she might be trying to tell you that something's wrong. Best of luck!
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