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I have a 6mo old kitten and I was thinking about getting her some softpaws but I wanted to know what people thought of them first. Any and all advice is appreciated!
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I started using them on my kittens (5 months and 4ish months) three weeks ago, and they're great. They're really not hard to put on (and I didn't superglue my fingers together even once!), and they last long enough to be well worth the money. I just wish that they sold them in colors here in town, but I can always order off the internet.

I catch my kittens while they're napping (which is easy, since they're always at my side), trim a couple nails, and glue them on. You just need to make sure that you don't put glue in more of the covers than you know you'll be able to put on in one sitting. I think that the directions say to put the adhesive in all of them, and then start, but I've found that it's much easier, and much less wasteful to just go one at a time. The glue does dry after a few minutes, so if a sleepy kitty suddenly decides that it's not so sleepy, you won't have wasted a cover.
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I just recently used them for the first time too and they were very easy to put on, so long as I had my kitty wrapped up helpless in a towel. (I would never be able to get them on without doing that...maybe on Jack, but when the more manly colors get here any day now I'll just wrap him up too.) I put glue in 2 or 3 of them at a time and then put them on. I let Henry get down in between a few times when she got squirmy, and had some treats available too. I got them on ebay for less than retail.
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We had really good results with them.

It helps if you have some treats or toys to distract the cat with after you've put on the caps, so the glue will have time to dry without the cat pulling on them.

3 of my cats had no problems with them & adjusted very quickly. One cat kept pulling them off - for her, I put a dab of bitter apple spray on the caps and spent some time playing with her & petting her after I'd put on the caps, and after a few tries she adjusted too.

The web site has a nice FAQ page, and you can email them if you have questions.
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I had to use them with my 5 month old kitten. I felt bad a lot because we have so many scratching surfaces that all the cats use and she can't. We did it out of necessity, she was all claws. But the biggest reason was she thought people were big trees that must be climbed and conquered. She also found it fun to hang off of my back. Not fun and very painful. I'm fine with a shoulder rider kitty but not when I get gashes from it. Well Soft Paws fixed that! We were all happier. Now she is 7 months and the glue bottles that came in the package were dried solid. So we didn't exactly rush to put new ones on. She seems to be broken of her habit so I think I'll just leave them off. She really enjoys scratching at all the stuff we have for them.

Recommendation from my vet: The glue bottles that come with the Soft Paws don't work well, sometimes like what happened to me. They told me that the stuff you use to apply fake nails (get from Walmart) is just as good and is often what they use in the clinic.
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Thanks for the tip! I have been thinking of getting Softpaws for Clover. His way of getting my attention is to sink his claws into ME. Ouch! His claws are very sharp. I know he doesn't understand that that hurts. He just wants loves. I'm going to try just trimming first, but if that isn't enough I'll invest in some Softpaws. He is about 6mo old too and rarely sits still. I may have to resort to the towel trick with him. He still hides under my bed to sleep, so catching him drowsy is unlikely. I don't want to do anything too frightening since we are all still very new to him.
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Awwww you have a boy kitty named Clover too! My very first kitty I received when I was in the 5th grade was a half-himalayan and we named him Clover. A long-haired white cat people often mistook for a girl. Well hes my baby always and forever. As I went through college he adjusted to life with my dad and hes to old for a change in lifestyle so he will stay there. I still miss him though but he would never get along with my 3 kitties nowadays.

One mistake I made with him was allowing him to play rough (he still will to this day!). I don't allow that with my kitties now. Its always good to divert their interest and claws to something else like a feather toy next to a scratching post that way they can get out their frustrations or playfulness. Clover could really get going with his back feet.
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i was thinking of getting some for my kallie does any1 know if they are sold at pet stores like petco or petsmart?

for the person who invented softpaws
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Both carry them but if you don't see them, then ask! I find they hide them around the food section (whoever thought to put them there???) or the end of isle hanging displays. They usually only carry clear and our local Petco dosen't carry as much size variety (no kitten last I checked but they just opened so it dosen't mean anything).
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Originally Posted by SolarityBengals
Both carry them but if you don't see them, then ask! I find they hide them around the food section (whoever thought to put them there???) or the end of isle hanging displays. They usually only carry clear and our local Petco dosen't carry as much size variety (no kitten last I checked but they just opened so it dosen't mean anything).

thank you i will check
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I wish the search feature was working right now cuz there are TONS of threads on softpaws!! I personally think they are amazing! Oliver wears the clear ones and they've saved relationships, doors, furniture and skin! I would just make sure you check the package to see the suggested youngest age to apply them.... I believe 6 months would be ok though!
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Thanks everyone for the tips and advice. Jasmine isn't really bad with scratching but I have herd so many good things about softpaws. thanks again!
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Peanut Butter has been in Softpaws off and on since he was about 4 months old-- Hes a bit over 6 months now and just graduated to the small size. I still have a few kitten size ones left over. I started off with clear so i could see how much glue i was putting in-- now PB is wearing PURPLE! lol im going to do some pink or blue ones next i think. lol No problems with them-- i love em-- I bought my first pack of softpaws off ebay and have been reordering from that ebay seller since-- shes great-- no problems and fast shipping and cheap prices.
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HaHa I didn't realize the same topic was approched! Silly Me!
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