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A brother or sister for my cat...?!

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Hello there!!

i just had to express my excitedness, because i am in the process of getting (either a boy or girl) kitten. I have a 7 mo old blue marble bengal. and i def. want a spotted kit this time. I spent time with a girl one today, she was soooo adorable!! but there are some other people interested in her. but they havent put down a deposit yet !
but..i am supposed to look at a spotted boy this coming sat..and hes a lighter spotted color. the girl is darker colored...and i know either way i'll love my kit! its just difficult..i wish i could have seen the boy this weekend but i called the breeder at the last minute (so of course i didnt expect to see him today! lol but o well) whats meant to be is meant to be. even though i was leaning more toward getting a girl this time..if my boy gets a brother he'll be just as happy!! man i love bengal cats!!! hope everyones weekend was fabulous.
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Awesome!!!! I can't wait to see pictures!!!
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That is exciting! Will you be adopting a moggie as well? I find that I seem to have the best luck when I bring in 2 kittens at a time, and I have heard that from others as well. In a way, it's easier, since the older one can take their time about accepting the newbies, because the newbies have each other for attention, as well as the older sibling. And when the older sibling watches the younger ones frolicking, they get interested. I recently went through that, when I rescued a kitten, Snowy; JC & Joey took a lot longer to accept her, but I wound up sending Snowy to San Diego to live with my grandson. Then, I suddenly got Amy & Andy; JC saw them frisking about & he was hooked instantly; Joey does a few hisses now & then, but he too, likes them enough to groom them. I think that Snowy kept bugging them & they found that annoying.
anyway, I'd love to see pics of the kitties. I think that it would be so cool to own a Bengal! If you don't mind, maybe you could share a little of what the personality is like.
They are so beautiful to look at! Susan
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hey! well..if you look at the breeders notice board about bengal kittens for sale. i posted a pic of her. or search my threads i dont have many!! lol. or i'll post one in a little bit here-

theres seattle! sorry took a while, i forgot i had this posting, lol. now that the search is back its easier to update people!
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as far as personality goes. im no expert, lol. but they have a personality of their own like every cat, some bengals have jumped into bath water with their owner, enjoy water. they call them the dog cat, or even like the cat for a guy, because they are almost like dogs, lol. they run around carrying stuff in their mouths. sometimes they can be mischevious and get into things, but what cat doesnt? lol. my river (blue marble bengal) is such a sweet heart if you see the 3 pics to the right that is him. he sleeps with me, when i drive home he will sit/sleep on my lap i dont put him in his crate. sometimes he sleeps all day othertimes hes wired right before im trying to go to bed, lol. i know there are many bengal breeders on here (i at least have seen 2-3)..for me..while i have had a orange tabby and a siamese, i only plan to own bengals, lol. i love them too much. and when i get older and more experienced i would love to maybe have a small cattery..but we'll see what happens! the little girl im getting seems very playful and lively!! i cant wait for her and River to interact.
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