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drowning toys in the water dish

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What is up with this??? Nearly every day, I'll find one or more toys in the water bowl. Is this my cat's way of "killing" the toy or perhaps making sure it is dead before she presents her kill to me? I am frequently the recipient of waterlogged and often dripping toys.

Was she a raccoon in a former life? LOL!

BTW, she has absolutely no fear of water.
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sorry i am of no help, but i do sympathize! i personally think that my clinton just has a short attention span! he'll be playing with a toy, walk past the cat fountain, then both the toy and clinton end up in the fountain.

we definitely have no fear of water here too. some mornings, he even tries to hop in the sink when i'm brushing my teeth! crazy kids!
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I have watched her...she will carry a toy to the water dish (okay, cold, filtered fountain - what can I say, they're spoiled...) and drop it in and then hold it under with one paw.

I've found milk rings, balls, a couple of her beanie babies including her favorite black panther beanie baby. She carries "Panther" around by the scruff of its neck...pretty funny.

She has also recently discovered and accepted the concept of the mirror. THAT is interesting.
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lol Cute!! What kind of cat is she? Birmans (that's what my two boys are) tend to do that too, though mine don't. Just take it as a weird personality quirk!
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My old DSH used to do that with all sorts of toys, but I assume, since cats usually kill prey with claws and jaws, that she was just playing. My new guys drop toys instead in their food dish. Goofy. One of them pulled one of those long stick-with-string-and-ball-on-the-end toys by the ball all the way to the food dish and dropped the ball right in - stick sticking out into the hallway. I don't get it at all!
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Sofia is a DSH - I believe her mother was feral - adopted her from the my vet last October. She LOOKS an awful lot like my late, beloved Bombay, "Mephisto" - but I'm sure she's DSH...

She and Keef were chasing each other earlier and I heard a crash and a splash and found water all over the kitchen floor and Keef was soaked. I don't think I want to know..... And they were playing, no malice between those two, thankfully.
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I have found all kinds of toys all over the place. I have no idea how they get some of these toys wedged where they do! They must really work at it! LOL! I have 3 or 4 stick and string type toys and usually when I wake up, one is on the bed.

Keef recently discovered that those things on the ends of her toes let her go up vertical surfaces.

Keeping Keef off the laptop/keyboard is another story. Kitten on the keys. She has sent e-mails - I think that is a kitty right of passage: Were you able to make that Mommy person upset by stepping on the thing she pays so much attention to and watch her scramble trying to get it back? Okay, you're in the club.

I've actually had to write up a set of rules that Keef needs to learn. One of the rules is that no matter what Sabina and Sofia tell her, the Mommy person is always right...
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My two girls are Birmans and they also like to see if their toys can swim.
I have found mousies, strings, balls (ping pong! Still not quite sure how they got there) and a catnip pillow inside the water bowl.
Once there were three toys all in the same bowl. No water left as all the toys were saturated.
Strange kitties.
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Serenity has one particular toy, a ball with a feather and shaky sounding things inside, that she loves to put in her Drinkwell fountain!
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Your cats send emails? Count your blessings! MY cats DELETE them!!!

And it's always the long, painstakingly constructed ones, too -- the extremely detailed accounts of complex events, the heartfelt personal communiques, the impassioned political rants...

Hmph. Everybody's a critic.
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My Bonnie used to do this when she was younger. She would dip her plastic toys with the bells in the dish and then carry it to me to throw for her. I think she was washing it. Sometimes she would leave it there and go back and get it later.
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It's so funny, my kitten has just started doing this in the past week. I've found balls, q-tips (my cats love q-tips), and just now one of his furry mice in the water bowl. I've added another water bowl because I don't think my other cat appreciates things floating around and might decrease his water intake due to it.
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Timotei does that too, I suppose no one's told him it's crocodiles that drown their prey, not cats.
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Sofia also has her own political opinions. I wish I could post the photo I took of her Prez. Bush doll face down in the water bowl...Alas, it would have looked too staged. I was fair though, I bought her a Prez Bush doll and a John Kerry doll and it is the Bush doll she has been dragging around by the head...

Her political opinion, I'm setting a disclaimer on myself for this one...she did it.

Kittens on the keys will eventually send, alter and/or delete just about anything at one time or another. I have a few moments while my three wolf down their nightly portions. For some reason they eat more when I'm home.

Yes, they are completely spoiled, I live here to serve them...LOL! I'm so whipped!
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Ha! I heartily agree with your DemoCAT! :-)
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