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I need help - litter box issues!

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Hi everyone I'm new here... but not new to owning kitties! I currently live with my parents, where we have four cats: Chandler, Phoebe, Allie, and Ester. Soon, me and my boyfriend will be moving in together in our own house. He already has a house now, where we have two more kitties together: Chester and Sam. Here is where I'm having a problem:

Sam was a very playful wild cat, who seemed to be in perfect health UNTIL we got our recent addition, Chester. Sam's personality seemed to change completley. He seemed to "grow up" and he also started pooping outside of the litter box. He will poop anywhere in the house, and sometimes right next to the litter box. We have two litter boxes in different areas of the house, and they are not too small for him. Sam and Chester get along and play together, we give them both plenty of attention... I don't understand why Sam has started doing this. Also, we have started to notice that when he does go to the litter box, he won't cover up his mess.

Both of them are boys, who have not been fixed... do you think this may have to do with it? We also can't remember, but we think we might have bought a different type of litter the same time Chester came into the picture. Maybe he doesn't like this litter?
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Hi - When I first got my two babies, one of them (Jangles) refused to cover up is mess. My vet said it was because he was trying to establish himself as the dominant cat in the household. He eventually started to cover it after a month or so - I guess he thinks he is the top cat now although Jingles (his sisfur) might have something to say about that .

I've never had to deal with inappropriate litterboxing **knocking on wood** so I can't give you any advice on that. But I'm sure someone can help you.

Good Luck.
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You didn't mention how old your boys are. I would get them both to the vet asap to be neutered if either one of them is over 5 or 6 months old. Intact male cats will spray inside the house once they reach maturity (especially if another male cat is living in the house). As far as your older cat having accidents outside the litterbox: I would keep him confined in one room with his own food and litterbox (and preferred type of litter) until he starts using it again reliably.
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