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can a female cat spayed more than 15 years ago still nurse a kitten?

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I am sure you've seen this question or something similar before. I'm curious.

I have a 19 1/2 year old female cat, Sabina, who was spayed more than 15 years ago - she had 2 litters prior to being spayed. I also have a 1 year old female cat, Sofia, also spayed-never had a litter. The most recent is Keef, approx. 7-8 wks old.

Sabina is in renal failure and Sofia's personality is not one that would allow her to be a solitary cat. She needs another cat. This is how Keef came into the picture. I needed a young female Sofia wouldn't feel intimidated by. Keef is fitting in rather well. I just noticed some peculiar behaviors.

On prior occasions, I noticed Keef attempt to nurse from Sabina and Sabina allowed the action. I also noticed Keef attempt to nurse from Sofia - BIG mistake on her part...Huge. Keef hasn't tried that again.

Just a short while ago, Keef spent quite some time suckling/nursing - or so it sounded - from Sabina.

IS it possible for a cat spayed so long ago to produce milk??? I had been under the impression that it would be fruitless, or in the case of Sabina's age, like powder (just kidding).

This is something that has really gotten under my skin now and I'm very curious about this. Hoping someone can help - a question like this just might keep me up half the night searching online.

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No Sabina cannot produce milk anymore. Some kittens will nurse because it is a comforting thing for them, my 2 1/2 year old male still sucks on ear to go to sleep at night.
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Thanks for such a quick reply! It did not seem logical that Sabina could - or that Sofia could (or would allow it), just had to ask.

One thing I can say is that Sabina really doesn't mind, in fact, she appears to enjoy it.

I had been told different weeks of age for Keef from the people from whom she was adopted. She was also the smallest of the litter. She is adorable and knows it... It'll be interesting when her adult coat comes in. She is black with chocolate brown tiger tabby markings on top of her head and on the backs of her rear legs. My vet is very pleased with the progress with Keef and her health and training. She knows and responds to her name and mimics everything Sofia does. Sabina mostly sleeps nowadays.

Sofia is toilet trained. A couple of nights ago, Keef used the toilet. Blew my mind. I don't know if Sofia taught her or if she was just miming what Sofia does.

There is a hooded litter box for Sabina, and Keef has used that as well.

Nice to talk to people about cats without watching their eyes glaze over with boredom. LOL!

Thanks again!
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Kittens will suckle on just about anything. When I was a little girl, I got 2 kittens that were not quite ready to be taken from mom. They would try to nurse on my dog. My MALE dog! And he would let them! I used to have a pic of this. He would be flat on his back and the kittens would be "nursing" them. He had the look that he was actually enjoying it!
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That would be a classic photo, I'm sure! LOL!

I know kittens will put just about anything into their mouths, just hadn't had this suckling issue with Sofia and before Sofia last year, hadn't had a kitten for over 15 years.

She's also chewing on stuff - I've had to use what I refer to as "THE VOICE" on her more than a few times. I put a hand over the side of my mouth so she can't be sure it is me or not then in a loud, deep voice, I say "KEEF---(enter message here)". It is rather effective, gets her attention, I'm not the bad guy and she listens. Usually the first thing she does is look straight up at the ceiling. Very funny to watch actually.

I've already recorded "KEEF!!!" on my Mac so I can just hit a key and her name comes out of the speaker system...heh heh heh

The first word Sofia learned was "RAUS!", which is a german command to "Get out!". That worked, and still does.
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